Laureate Award

The Laureate Award is presented to long-standing and loyal supporters of the College who have rendered distinguished service to their chapters and community and have upheld the high ideals and professional standards for which the American College of Physicians is known. Previous Virginia Laureates are:

1986 Charles M. Caravati, MD, MACP Richmond
  Alexander McCausland, MD, FACP Roanoke
  Kinloch Nelson, MD, MACP Richmond
  W. Taliaferro Thompson, Jr, MD, MACP Richmond
  Elam C. Toone, Jr, MD, FACP Richmond
1987 John J. Dempsey, MD, FACP Smithfield
  John Franklin, MD, FACP Norfolk
  John L. Guerrant, MD, FACP Charlottesville
  James M. Moss, MD, FACP Alexandria
  H. St. George Tucker, Jr, MD, FACP Richmond
1988 George J. Carroll, MD, FACP Suffolk
  Kenneth R. Crispell, MD, FACP Charlottesville
1989 Edward W. Hook, MD, MACP Charlottesville
  David W. Richardson, MD, FACP Richmond
  Bertram C. Snyder, MD, FACP Arlington
1990 George S. Grier, III, MD, FACP Newport News
  Lockhart B. McGuire, MD, FACP Charlottesville
  William S. Terry, MD, FACP Portsmouth
1991 Robert A. Abernathy, MD, FACP Cedar Bluff
  William D. Lewis, MD, FACP Martinsville
  Emmett C. Mathews, Sr, MD Richmond
  Charles H. Sackett, MD Lynchburg
1992 Vernon L. Cofer, Jr, MD, FACP Norfolk
  Charles L. Crockett, Jr, MD, MACP Roanoke
  Daniel N. Mohler, MD, FACP Charlottesville
  David W. Scott, Jr, MD, FACP Fredericksburg
  William T. Tucker, MD, FACP Richmond
1993 William F. Bernart, MD Nassawadox
  W. Robert Irby, MD, FACP Richmond
  Jason E. McClellen, MD, FACP Newport News
  Forrest W. Pitts, MD, FACP Richmond
1994 Barbara A. Mella, MD Fairfax
  Michael J. Moore, MD, FACP Roanoke
  Percy Wootton, MD, FACP Richmond
1995 Donald W. Drew, MD, FACP Norfolk
  William S. Erwin, Jr, MD, FACP Roanoke
  Edwin J. Harvie, Jr, MD, FACP Danville
  Alton R. Sharpe, Jr, MD, FACP Richmond
1996 William J. Hancock, MD, FACP Winchester
  Donald R. Holsinger, MD, FACP Martinsville
  C. Patrick Laughlin, MD, FACP Newport News
  Philip T. Rodilosso, MD, FACP Arlington
1997 James N. Cooper, MD, FACP Falls Church
  Russell D. Evett, MD, FACP Norfolk
  Duncan S. Owen, Jr, MD, FACP Richmond
1998 H. Courtenay Harrison, Sr, MD Virginia Beach
  John A. Owen, Jr, MD Charlottesville
  William E. Reefe, MD, FACP Roanoke
1999 Oscar (Oz) Edmunds Edwards, MD, FACP Norfolk
2000 H. Verdain Barnes, MD, MDiv, FACP, FSAM, FAAP(a) Norfolk
  Kenneth H. Hyatt, MD, FACP Roanoke
  Munsey S. Wheby, MD, FACP Charlottesville
2001 John Staige, Davis, IV, MD, MACP Charlottesville
  William P. Edmondson, MD, FACP Norfolk
  Lawrence Gaydos, MD Arlington
2002 Vicken V. Kalbian, MD, FACP Winchester
  Harvey D. Smallwood, MD Charlottesville
  Michael O. Thorner, MD, FACP Charlottesville
2003 Robert S. Gibson, MD, FACP Charlottesville
  Michael F. Rein, MD, MACP Charlottesville
  Lawrence R. Burwell, MD, FACP Charlottesville
2004 Leon P. Georges, MD, FACP Norfolk
  Robert Carey, MD, MACP Charlottesville
2005 Jeffrey P. Harris, MD, FACP Millwood
  Paul Dallas, MD, FACP Roanoke
2006/07 Laurel Tschirgi, MD, FACP Winchester
  W. Hal Cragun, MD, FACP, FCCP Roanoke
2008 Sarah T. Corley, MD, FACP McLean
  Richard P Wenzel, MD, MACP Richmond
2009 Barry S. Strauch, MD FACP McLean
2010 William Benton Lewis, MD FACP Martinsville
2011 Robert M. Strieter, MD MACP Charlottesville
2012 John Clore MD FACP Richmond
2013 John E. Nestler, MD, FACP Richmond
2014 John H. Armstrong, MD, FACP Winchester
  Jerry L. Nadler, MD, FACP Norfolk
2015 Wendy Klein, MD, MACP Richmond
2016 Jon M. Sweet, MD, FACP Roanoke
2017 William Daniel Prince III, MD, FACP Roanoke
2018 Stephanie A. Call, MD, FACP Richmond
2019 Lisa Ellis, MD, MACP Manakin Sabot
2020 Craig Cheifetz MD FACP Falls Church
2021 William E. Fox MD FACP Charlottesville
2022 Sami G. Tahhan MD FACP Virginia Beach
2023 Stuart I Henochowicz, MD, MBA, FACP Virginia Beach