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Rx: Invest in Yourself


Stethoscope and heart

Take Your Own Pulse

  • Try out some of the 3-15 day Resilience Tools at the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality. One involves writing your story for help from healing with burnout.
  • Reflection questions you can ponder and/or write about:
    - Who or what are you letting go of this year?
    - What behaviors do you want to change?
    - Who or what is influencing you the most right now?
    - What's working and what's not working professionally and personally?
    - What is a discovery you made so far this year?
    - What is the most impactful conversation you have had this year?

Treat the Pain Point - Video Series


Feed Your Brain


Feed Your Soul


Celebrate the Wins

  • We all have a tendency to focus on the negatives or the times we fell short. What if we focused more on our wins? If we make it a priority, we can shift our thoughts to the many areas of our lives for which we are thankful.
  • Ways to reflect on wins:
    - What is a new skill you have learned or a current skill you have strengthened?
    - What is something that isn't on your CV that you are proud of?
    - What are three things you are grateful for?

Virtual Doctor's Lounge Events

The Hallway Consults have been rebranded in our collaboration with the GA chapter and you now have an invitation to come rest and talk with your colleagues in the Virtual Doctor’s Lounge. We will be hanging out the second Thursday of each month at 7pm eastern time so save the date! For more information and dates, visit the News and Meetings page.

Online Learning Center

Visit ACP’s Online Learning Center to explore a wide-ranging library of online CME and MOC activities. Not sure what your state’s licensure requirements are? Click on the State CME Requirements tab to view your state’s requirements and links to suggested learning activities or browse recent items below:

Physician Well-being and Professional Fulfillment

Providing guidance and resources that foster communities of well-being for internists to best serve patients and optimize professional fulfillment.​

Connect Today
​I.M. Emotional Support Hub​

It’s common right now to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed.​​ Taking care of ourselves and encouraging others to practice self-care sustains our ability to care for those in need. ​​​​

Protect your health and well-being by connecting with easily-accessible peer support through the Physician Support Line, and affordable, confidential counseling is available through The Emotional PPE Project and The Therapy Aid Coalition. ​

If you or someone you know is in crisis, help is available 24/7. Text 741741 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (988 or 1-800-273-8255) or Disaster Distress Hotline (1-800-985-5990).

Trending Topics

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NEW - Design Your Own Wellbeing Program
Resident Well-being Learning Hub
ACP’s I.M. Emotional Support Hub
CME-eligible Physician Well-being Activities
Check out IMPower for Resident Well-being Resources​
Check out Student Well-being Resources


Check out ACP’s well-being and professional fulfillment website for individual, community, and organizational well-being resources.​​ Contact your well-being champion or chapter well-being committee today.​
Visit Patients Before Paperwork 
ACP’s  initiative designed to reinvigorate the patient-physician relationship by challenging unnecessary practice.