Massachusetts Chapter Laureate Awardees

The Massachusetts Chapter Laureate Award honors those members of the ACP in Massachusetts who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education or research, and in service to their community and the ACP. Past recipients are:

2023 Joseph Li, MD, MACP
2021 Kerri Palamara, MD, MACP
2020 Gene Lambert, MD, MBA, FACP
2019 Michael Barry, MD, MACP
2018 Valerie Stone, MD, MPH, MACP
2017 Michael J. Rosenblum, MD, FACP
2016 Stuart B. Mushlin, MD, FACP
2015 Allan H. Goroll, MD, MACP
2014 Harriet A. Bering, MD, FACP
2013 Robert M. Fishman, DO, FACP
2012 Joel H. Popkin, MD, FACP
2011 John T. Harrington, MD, MACP
2010 Mary Y. Lee, MD, FACP
2009 Guenter L. Spanknebel, MD
2008 Robert A. Lebow, MD FACP
2007 Marshall A. Wolf, MD, FACP
2006 Stephen Wittenberg, MD, FACP
2005 Valerie J. Pronio-Stelluto, MD
2004 Ronald A. Arky, MD, MACP
2003 Barry Z. Izenstein, MD, FACP
2002 Joseph Gerstein, MD, FACP
2001 Francis X. Dufault, Jr., MD, FACP
2000 John D. Stoeckle, MD, FACP
1999 Ralph E. Gianelly, MD, FACP
1998 Leonard J. Morse, MD, FACP
1997 Gilbert E. Levinson, MD, FACP
1996 Donald E. Love, MD, FACP
1995 Eugene P. Clerkin, MD, FACP
1994 Daniel D. Federman, MD, MACP
1993 Daniel Ellis, MD, MACP
1992 Louis A. Izenstein, MD, FACP
1991 Mark Aisner, MD
1990 Julius Kritzman, MD, FACP