Past Awards and Honorees

Laureate Award

1986 Jack J. Falsone, MD, FACP

1986 Ralph F. Reinfrank, MD, MACP

1986 Howard M. Spiro, MD, MACP

1987 Marvin Garrell, MD, FACP

1987 Paul Kunkel, MD, FACP

1987 Bob Massey, MD, FACP

1987 Fred Nichols, MD, FACP

1988 Orpheus J. Bizzozero, Sr., MD, FACP

1988 Vincent A. Deluca, Jr., MD, FACP

1988 Julius J. Sachs, MD, FACP

1989 Thomas T. Amatruda, Jr., MD, FACP

1989 James Duncan Kennedy, MD

1989 Philip Morgenstern, MD, FACP

1990 Joseph L. Belsky, MD, FACP

1990 Harvey N. Mandell, MD, FACP

1990 Sidney Perlman, MD, FACP

1991 Martin E. Gordon, MD, FACP

1991 Robert S. Gordon, MD, FACP

1991 Morris J. Seide, MD, FACP

1992 Vincent T. Andriole, MD, FACP

1992 William F. Eckhardt, Jr., MD, FACP

1992 Gerald I. Pitegoff, MD, FACP

1993 Bruce F. Bower, MD, FACP

1993 Norman J. Marieb, MD, FACP

1993 John J. Sacco, MD, FACP

1995 Alvan R. Feinstein, MD, FACP

1995 J. David Schnatz, MD, FACP

1996 Nancy D. Adams, MD, FACP

1996 Leo M. Cooney, MD, FACP

1996 Noel I. Robin, MD, FACP

1997 Vincent Quagliarello, MD

1997 Arthur H. Rosenberg, MD, FACP

1997 Milton J. Sands, Jr., MD, FACP

1998 Joseph P. Cleary, MD, FACP

1998 Everett B. Cooper, MD, FACP

1998 David N. Podell, MD, FACP

1999 Majaid Sadigh, MD, FACP

1999 Paul A. Dolinsky, MD, FACP

2000 Sherri A. Clayton, MD, FACP

2000 Robert M. McLean, MD, FACP

2001 James L. Bernene, MD, FACP

2001 Barry J. Wu, MD, FACP

2002 Ernest D. Moritz, MD, FACP

2003 Aldo L. Bellucci, MD

2003 Eric M. Mazur, MD, FACP

2003 Ashgar Rastegar, MD, FACP

2004 O. Joseph Bizzozero, Jr., MD, FACP

2004 Stephen A. Atlas, MD

2005 Robert J. Nardino, MD, FACP

2005 Thomas J. Lane, MD, FACP

2006 Henry Schneiderman, MD, FACP

2007 Ira D. Mickenberg, MD, FACP

2007 John F. D'Avella, MD, FACP

2007 Joel A. Danisi, MD, FACP

2008 Steven V. Angus, MD, FACP

2009 David J. Miner, MD, FACP

2010 Steven Wolfson, MD, FACP

2010 Adam R. Silverman, MD, FACP

2011 Nancy R. Angoff, MD, FACP

2012 Stephen O'Mahony, MD, FACP

2012 Keith vom Eigen, MD, FACP

2013 Catherine Apaloo, MD, FACP

2013 Fitzhugh C. Pannill, III, MD, FACP

2014 Rebecca Andrews, MD, FACP

2014 Jason Ouellette, MD, FACP

2015 Naseema Merchant MD, FACP

2016 Ellen Nestler, MD, FACP

2017 Ruth Weissberger MD, FACP

2017 Rosemarie Fisher, MD, MACP

2018 Marilyn Katz, MD

2019 Daniel Tobin, MD, FACP

2022 Diana Sewell, MD, FACP

Volunteerism and Community Service Award

2002 Bruce E. Gould, MD

2003 Peter J. Ellis, MD

2004 Stephen J. Huot, MD

2004 Scott A. Wolf, DO, FACP

2005 Arthur D. Wolf, MD

2005 Serle M. Epstein, MD, FACP

2006 Donna R. Criscenzo, MD

2006 Stephen M. Winter, MD

2007 Laurie Bridger, MD

2008 Kevin D. Dieckhaus, MD

2009 Fred Finkelstein, MD

2009 Noel I. Robin, MD, FACP

2010 Suzanne P. Lagarde, MD, FACP

2011 Jonathan M. Fine, MD

2011 Jeanne D. Breen, MD

2012 Richard Kayne, MD

2014 M. Saud Anwar, MD 

2015 Eric Fan, MD

2016 Zied Michael Taweh, MD

2017 Luis F. Diez-Morales, MD

2018 Atique Azam Mirza, MD, FACC, FASNC, FCPS

2019 Michael P. Steinberg, MD

George F. Thornton Teaching Award

2003 Sharon A. Diamen, MD

2005 Joseph P. Cleary, MD, FACP

2005 Margaret J. Bia, MD, FACP

2006 David L. Coleman, MD, FACP

2006 Paul A. Sirop, MD, FACP

2007 Frank J. Bia, MD, FACP

2008 Andre N. Sofair, MD

2009 David N. Podell, PhD, MD, FACP

2010 Yaw Amoateng-Adjepong, MD, FACP

2010 Dan A. Henry, MD, FACP

2010 Joseph L. Belsky, MA, MD, MACP

2011 Ernest D. Moritz, MD, FACP

2011 Joseph L. Renda, MD, FACP

2012 Auguste Fortin, MD, MPH, FACP

2012 Cyrus Kapadia, MBBS, MD, FACP

2012 Eric Mazur, MD, MACP

2013 Gregory K. Buller, MD, FACP

2013 Barry J. Wu, MD, FACP

2014 Rosemarie L. Fisher, MD, FACP, FACG

2014 Lynn Kosowicz, MD, FACP

2015 Nancy Day Adams, MD, FACP

2015 Charles Seelig, MD, FACP

2016 Stephen J. Huot, MD, PhD

2017 Robert Nardino, MD, FACP

2018 Mark Kulaga, MD

2018 Amenuve M. Bekui, MD, MPH, FACP

2019 Marjorie Phyllis Golden, MD, FACP

2022 Douglas D'Andrea, MD, MPH

Distinguished Internist Award

2013 Henry Gift, MD, FACP (posthumous recognition)

2014 Joseph F. Andrews, MD, FACP, FACG

2015 Ernest Moritz MD, FACP

2016 Joseph P. Cleary, MD, MACP

2017 James Sarfeh, MD

2018 Daniel Marshall, MD

2019 Paul Sirop, MD, FACP

2019 Myra Skluth, MD, FACP  

2022 Robert Altbaum, MD, FACP

Early Career Physician Teaching Award

2019 Stephen Holt, MD, FACP

2020 Jadwiga M. Stepczynski, MS, MD, FACP

2021 Sarita E. Soares, MD, FACP

2021 Jaclyn Cox, DO, FACP

2022 Jacqueline Savage, MD, FACP

Legislator of the Year Award

2019 Representative Sean Scanlon

2020 State Representative Matt Ritter, House Majority Leader

2021 M. Saud Anwar, MD

Rosemarie Fisher Female Physician Leadership Award

2020 Rosemarie L. Fisher, MD, MACP

2021 Nancy S. Adams, MD, MACP

2022 Gail Sullivan, MD, MPH, FACP

Chapter Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

2020 Inginia Genao, MD, FACP

2022 Aba Black, MD, MHS

2021 Naseema B. Merchant, MBBS, FACP

Public Servant of the Year Award

2022 Victoria Veltri, Esq.