Resource Spotlight: Patient Priorities Care Curriculum

Help your patients identify their health priorities so that you can provide care that addresses what matters most to them. Learn about the Patient Priorities Care approach and complete ACP's interactive online curriculum, developed in partnership with the Patient Priorities Care team. The curriculum offers practical steps for clinicians and care teams to incorporate Patient Priorities Care effectively into practice.

Learn more about the Patient Priorities Care Curriculum

Patient Priorities Care is an approach that involves aligning care among all of a patient's clinicians with what matters most to that patient—especially older patients who have multiple chronic conditions for whom evidence-based medicine might not exist or be the best choice. It is about understanding each patient's health outcome goals and health care preferences and ensuring that the care provided is in line with those goals. Patient Priorities Care resources address the What Matters “M”, the core element of the Age-Friendly Health Systems (AFHS) 4Ms Framework: what Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility.

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