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Game Plan Refresh Series for Trained WBCs

Marion McCrary, MD, FACP, and NC Well-being Champion (WBC), revisits strategies learned during your WBC training and new skills to grow your toolkit to support you and your colleagues.

Logistics for Well-being Champions

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  • WBCs will revisit logistics, supports (national/program), LeaderNet, resources (papers), CME for events, and other topics.

How to Create Content for Your WBC Role and Make Sure Your Efforts Count More Than Once

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  • Content options: newsletter, presentations in person, webinars, Zoom meetings, podcast, and others.
  • Content creation: Where to get your content topics and how to create it. Discuss the benefits of repurposing content.

WBC and Leadership

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  • Relating being a WBC and being a Leader
  • Visibility in your organization for furthering impact and Professional Development
  • Using the skills you have learned as a WBC to Model Leadership

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