Noteworthy Resources

Chapter Collaborations (ACP LeaderNet Access Required)

This resource is to assist you in working with your chapter's leadership to reflect on where your chapter is, where it would like to elevate to, and how a strategic collaboration could help you achieve that vision.

Resources to Conduct Workplace Assessment

Assessment is essential to understanding the extent and severity of burnout and the well-being of the members of any workforce. The following resources include tools to assess the current status of the workplace in order to understand the baseline that an organization can build on to establish well-being and burnout guidelines. These assessment tools are validated for use among health care workers.

Instruments to measure burnout

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Advocacy Toolkit: Modernizing License and Credentialing Applications to Not Stigmatize Mental Health

Use this resource toolkit to advocate for organizations and state medical boards to change or remove inappropriate medical licensing and application questions.

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Implementing and Sustaining Change Efforts

Use these resources to implement and sustain change efforts in your organization and community. Curated tools include the Quality Improvement (QI) Curriculum and the general Team-Based Care Toolkit.

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Complement Resource

Design Your Own Well-being Program

Explore these tools to create a well-being program tailored to any organization's needs and budget.

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