Patients Before Paperwork

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Every Day

by George Lyons Jr., Esq.

Recognizing mental health entails the individual acknowledging it and seeking help, society not stigmatizing those suffering from mental and behavioral disorders, and the nation providing adequate resources and personnel to address the problem.

ACP Advocate Newsletter

Advocacy in Action: New ACP Leadership Encourages Physicians to Provide Expertise to Legislators to Advocate for Health Care Issues

Dr. Ryan D. Mire, new ACP President, and Dr. Sue S. Bornstein, new Chair of the Board of Regents, stress that physicians are the experts in health care–related discussions.

ACP's Chapter Advocacy Toolkit

If you would like to work with your chapter to advocate for regulatory relief, please visit ACP's Chapter Advocacy Toolkit for more resources and calls to action.

Patients Before Paperwork Highlight: ACP Burden Reduction Advocacy

Nadia Daneshvar, Associate, Health IT Policy from ACP's Regulatory Affairs shares ACP's latest burden reduction advocacy efforts.

1. Letter to ONC: Electronic Prior Authorization (EPA) Standards, Implementation Specifications, and Certification Criteria Request for Information

In the EPA RFI comments, ACP emphasized that EPA functionality won't necessarily decrease burden for physicians and could possibly even add to burden.

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2. ACP Comments on Draft United States Core Data for Interoperability Version 3

In the Draft USCDI v3 comments, ACP opposed the inclusion of the majority of ONC's proposed new USCDI data elements. For each proposed new data element, the MIC considered the burden-to-benefit ratio of its inclusion in USCDI and provided reasoning for its determinations

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3. Transfer of Electronic Prescriptions for Schedules II-V Controlled Substances Between Pharmacies for Initial Filing (Docket No. DEA-637)

The College strongly supports DEA's proposal to amend regulations to allow the transfer of electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS) between registered retail pharmacies for initial filling. As DEA notes, the proposed rule would lessen administrative tasks and result in cost savings for clinicians who prescribe controlled substances.

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ACP Patients Before Paperwork Initiative

Patients Before Paperwork is an ACP initiative designed to reinvigorate the patient–physician relationship by challenging unnecessary practice burdens. To help the Patients Before Paperwork initiative, provide your feedback with our online data-collection tool and contact the Patients Before Paperwork team directly at

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