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Topic: Small Feedings of the Soul: Readings and Reflections Series

Description: Join NY ACP Well-being Champions and members in exploring the practice of medicine through shared experiences! Come for a monthly discussion and camaraderie and to meet authors of selected pieces from On Being a Doctor.

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Topic: Game Plan Refresh Series for Trained ACP Well-being Champions(WBCs) “Logistics for Well-being Champions”

In this session: WBCs will revisit logistics, supports (National/Program), Leadernet, Resources (Papers), CME for Events, and other topics.

Description: In this new refresh series Marion McCrary, MD, FACP, and NC Well-being Champion, will revisit strategies learned during your Well-being Champion (WBC) training and share new skills to grow your toolkit to support you and your colleagues.


  1. Watch the Topic Video: All videos will be released at the beginning of the month (pauses in April, August, and December).
  2. Discussion: You are invited to connect with Dr. McCrary and your fellow WBCs to discuss the game plan refresh topics and learn more. These live session times will vary and will be announced ahead of time.

Next Video Release: Late May

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