From the Trenches

Power of Connectivity Initiative

by Kerri Palamara, MD, MACP

Implement Your Own Initiative

We have explored the topics of loneliness, isolation, and importance of connectivity in prior pieces and have heard great feedback from physicians on ways that they are making time to connect with others. In this edition of I.M. Thriving, our hope is to share some of those ideas with you so that you can incorporate these ideas into your work as an ACP Well-being Champion. We anticipate that you can share these resources on social media, in e-mail newsletters, and/or with training programs, practices, and physician groups in your chapter. Our hope is that by doing so, we can help physicians reconnect with colleagues, rekindle friendships, and revitalize a sense of community in our workplace!

Below is an example of a Power of Connectivity Initiative that is mapped out to each month, but the months could be changed to simply a list of ideas, a Connectivity Bingo Card, or even a Scavenger Hunt to help people meet others in their workplaces. We recommend increasing engagement by having people share a photo of their participation and even offering a token of appreciation for their participation (swag, treats, small gift card for coffee, special mention in a newsletter, etc.).

Power of Connectivity Initiative Themes:

  1. Perform a random act of kindness with or for a colleague.
  2. Donate blood with another colleague at your employee donor center or a local donor center.
  3. Beat the winter doldrums by connecting over coffee or tea with a colleague.
  4. Write a thank you card to a colleague and hand-deliver it.
  5. Enjoy the spring weather by meeting socially with a colleague outside or move a work meeting outside.
  6. Enjoy a moment in nature with a colleague or participate in an outside activity with a colleague.
  7. Introduce yourself to someone new in your office and ask them about themselves.
  8. Stop by for a few minutes and visit a colleague you haven't seen in a while—ask them about their last or an upcoming vacation!
  9. Appreciate the fall weather! Get outside with a colleague (coffee, walk, meal, meeting, etc.).
  10. Share a favorite holiday treat with a colleague—candy, coffee, tea, snack, etc.
  11. Start or participate in a gratitude wall in your office; if you don't have an office, connect with a colleague about what you are grateful for!
  12. Share your holiday traditions with a colleague and ask them about theirs.

If you are communicating with leaders or someone who facilitates meetings, here are some ideas of how to inspire greater connectivity in action there!

  • Allocate 15 minutes in team meetings to checking in with each other—could be 1:1 or small group around a table or in a Zoom breakout room.
  • Open a meeting with colleagues sharing something you are grateful for.
  • Shout out and celebrate a colleague at a group meeting.
  • Open a meeting with colleagues sharing a recent positive story.
  • Host a book club with your group!
  • Work on a group art project (drawing, coloring, collaging, etc.).
  • Invite your group to volunteer at a local or internal event, or sponsor a fundraiser for a local charity or fund of interest to your group.
  • Have a potluck at your next meeting.
  • Move a meeting outside!

We welcome your connectivity ideas and look forward to hearing what comes of putting some of these ideas into action!

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