ACP Multimedia Education

Mini But Mighty Skills for Well-being: Peer Coaching to Support Individuals and Organizations (15 minutes)

  • Identify core coaching skills and ways to leverage them to support a colleague(s) in need.

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Mini But Mighty Skills for Well-being: Communicating Needs for Win-Win Outcomes (15 minutes)

  • Learn to use the Nonviolent Communication model to articulate the relationship between feelings and needs to achieve win-win outcomes in conflict resolution.

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You Don't Need All of the Answers! 3 Steps to Better Connect With a Colleague Who Needs You (12 minutes)

  • Learn to use higher-level listening to understand, integrate the best open-ended questions to move the conversation forward, and recognize the power of—and practice—truly expressing empathy.

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Coming Soon! Mini But Mighty Skills for Well-being: Practical Tips for Building an Inclusive Community (15 minutes)

  • Identify how to promote and increase belonging in your health care system, clinic, or practice.

Release Date April 2024!

Adaptable Presentations for Well-being Champions

  • Use these adaptable slides and handouts to present at chapter meetings, wellness committee meetings, or other areas of your institution.

Feelings and Needs slide deck


Feelings and Needs exercise


Well-being Champion Training: Building an Inclusive Well-being Strategy (With Tools and Templates)

Revisit your WBC Building a Well-being Champion Strategy curriculum section for a refresher. This training connects Champions on how well-being can be improved through a variety of approaches tailored to the needs of the chapter and your community.

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