Patients Before Paperwork

ACP provided feedback on two CMS requests for information regarding how to improve and streamline the CMS Center for Program Integrity. Within our feedback, we highlighted our previous recommendations to CMS that more clarity is needed around what they will actually accept as far as the updated documentation requirements. Without that clarity, we have concerns that physicians will not fully utilize these burden reduction policy changes due to fear of auditing. We also touch on the need for transparency within the Medicare Advantage program, recommendations for improving the prior authorization process, as well as some thoughts on how advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence, may be able to improve program integrity processes but highlight some concerns as well, including the cost of these new technologies.

ACP Patients Before Paperwork Initiative

Patients Before Paperwork is an ACP initiative designed to reinvigorate the patient–physician relationship by challenging unnecessary practice burdens. To help the Patients Before Paperwork Initiative, you can provide your feedback with our online data collection tool. You may also contact the Patients Before Paperwork team directly at

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