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Physician-Friendly States for Mental Health: A Review of Medical Boards

By Pamela Wibble, MD, and Arianna Palermini, OMS2; Pamela Wibble, MD Blog

Do medical boards undermine physician mental health by breaching physician confidentiality and privacy? [In this research study], we analyze the initial medical licensing process in each state to determine if qualified applicants who report mental illness experience discrimination. We then identify the most favorable states for physician mental health.”

Physicians Need to Work Together to Reduce Administrative Burden

By ACP Internist Weekly; November 26, 2019 Issue

“In his latest KevinMD column, ACP's Vice President of Membership and Global Engagement, Philip A. Masters, MD, FACP, looks at how administrative burdens associated with caring for patients are a primary driver of the epidemic of burnout among physicians.”

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