Doctor's Dilemma® Competition Volunteer Role Descriptions

ACP Doctor's Dilemma® is a medical knowledge-based, multi-round competition where teams of residents, representing local chapters, compete over three days at ACP's annual Internal Medicine Meeting.

Judge (Up to 16 positions available)

The American College of Physicians is seeking up to 16 member physicians to serve as Judges for the ACP Doctor's Dilemma Competition during the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2024, April 18-20 in Boston, MA. Volunteers may serve during one competition day or up to all three days.

Judges serve as the authorized arbiters of the competition and work in teams of two or three. Judges receive the questions in advance of the competition (in confidence). If Judges have questions or concerns regarding the validity of a question and/or acceptable answers, they must raise this in writing with ACP national staff at least two weeks prior to the start of the competition. During the competition, Judges confer with one another to rule on questions/answers referred to them.

Judges only rule on questions/answers when called upon by the Moderator. Neither Judges nor contestants may request that a question be referred to the Judges. The Moderator defers to the judges only if the answer offered is not clearly right or wrong.

Throughout the competition, all judges' decisions are final. Competition rules prohibit teams and their representatives from challenging or disrespecting any Judge’s ruling and allow for disqualification for unprofessional or unsportsmanlike conduct. (For additional information, please refer to the National Competition Rules.)

Volunteers will be expected to attend a virtual orientation via Zoom on Thursday, March 14, 2024, at 3:00 p.m. ET and one onsite training session on April 18, 2024, at 10:45 a.m. ET at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (Each training will be approximately a half hour.) Judges with a direct relationship to a participating team are not permitted to judge in the room where that team is competing.

Specific Requirements:

  • Post-residency internal medicine specialist or subspecialist.
  • FACP designation preferred.
  • Must have a broad knowledge of internal medicine and the ability to make confident, team-based decisions quickly.
  • Must be diplomatic and comfortable working under pressure before a highly-charged, energetic, and competitive audience.

Volunteer Participation Form

To volunteer for the Doctor's Dilemma Competition at the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2024 in Boston, MA, please complete the Doctor’s Dilemma Volunteer Participation Form.