Contraception counseling and provision are vital components of comprehensive health care. An unplanned pregnancy can be particularly challenging for patients with chronic illness. Internal medicine physicians are in a unique position to assess pregnancy readiness and provide contraception, as they often intersect with pregnancy-capable patients at the moment of a new diagnosis or when providing ongoing care for a chronic medical condition. A shared decision-making counseling approach engages patients, ensures patient-centered care, and supports their choice of a contraceptive method that aligns with their reproductive plans and medical needs.

Use this article to:

  • Review the available options for contraception and how to choose from among them.
  • Review the contraindications to use of hormonal contraceptives.
  • If available, consult a gynecologist to review the options for long-acting contraception and the process for referring patients if these options are not available in the primary care setting.
  • Test your knowledge by completing the quiz that accompanies the article and then review the correct answers.

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