Short-Term Adverse Outcomes After Mifepristone–Misoprostol Versus Procedural Induced Abortion. A Population-Based Propensity-Weighted Study and The War on Reproductive Health Care in the United States

This population-based cohort study compared the risk for adverse events within 42 days of a medical or procedural abortion in Ontario, Canada, where mifepristone–misoprostol has been available free of charge in pharmacies to pregnant persons with a prescription from a physician. The accompanying editorial discusses the findings and why access to safe abortion, along with access to effective contraception, is critical to improving maternal morbidity and mortality in the United States.

Use this article and the editorial to:

  • Consult an OB-GYN specialist to review the medical and procedural options for elective termination of pregnancy during the first trimester.
  • Review propensity score weighting in observational studies such as this one.
  • Review the results of the study, and discuss how factors in addition to the observed complication rates are relevant to patient decision making about the method of abortion.
  • Review the recent FDA decision regarding mifepristone access in the United States.

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