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General Information for "Annals of Internal Medicine" Institutional Subscribers

ISSN: 0003-4819
E-ISSN: 1539-3704

Pricing and Access for Subscriptions and Back Files


Institutional customers have the option to purchase a site license or print-only subscription. Site license prices are arranged in tiers based on the size and type of institution. A site license offers your patrons seamless access at work and remotely. Access is available via IP range, Open Athens, or Shibboleth. Online access includes all content from 1993 to the present, including Online First, Multimedia, ACP Journal Club, and In the Clinic. Site license customers can track usage through COUNTER-compliant usage statistics and have the right to perpetual access to subscribed content. Site licenses are online-only unless you choose to purchase an associated (and deeply discounted) print subscription add-on.

Print and online subscriptions run on a rolling basis. Print-only subscriptions begin with the next issue. Deeply discounted print subscriptions start with the same issue as the online site license.

2017 Start Date

Back Files

The digital back files of the Annals of Internal Medicine are available as a one-time purchase through the Full Collection, covering 1927 to 1992, or through the Partial Collection, covering 1966 to 1992. Pricing is based on institution type and size.


Customers are responsible for paying all taxes related to their order, including, without limitation, all applicable sales, use, consumption, and value-added taxes.

How to Order and Renew

All prices are quoted in US dollars, and only US dollars are accepted for payments. Prices do not include any sales taxes, and customers are responsible for any applicable taxes.

All renewal orders and payments must include the name of the institution and the ACP Customer Number. Site License and Back File customers must also include the Site Administrator Name, Title, Phone, Fax, and Email so that we can activate your institutional subscription and contact you about any system changes.

Institutional subscribers can order through their preferred agency or directly through ACP. For site licenses, email For print-only subscriptions, contact All orders placed through subscription agents must include end-user information.

If needed, the ACP Tax ID is 23-1520302.

How to Make Wire transfers/ACH transfers

To ensure your account is credited promptly, please send an email to, noting the amount of the wire transfer, the date sent, and the customer name and account number. Contact for information or other questions about wire transfers.

Terms and Conditions Needed for Online Subscriptions and Back Files

All new site license customers must complete our Site License Terms and Conditions. We recommend that renewing customers review the Site License Terms and Conditions, since the license may have changed from the one you originally signed.

All Back File Purchasers must complete a Back File Application and a Back File Terms and Conditions.

By paying for your Site License or Back File subscription, you agree to the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Refund Policy

Subscriptions may be canceled at a 100% refund if the request is received before the start of the subscription period. A processing fee of $20 will be deducted from the total amount refunded.

Please note there are no refunds after the start of the subscription.

Online Activation, Access, and Technical Support

Activating Your New Online Institutional Account

After your new order is processed, the Site Administrator will receive an e-mail that contains your account information and customer number, which you can use to sign into the Silverchair Sitemaster Administrator Database.

Administrators will create their own personal Annals accounts as part of the activation process. Site-license administrators are responsible for pulling usage statistics, maintaining up-to-date account information, adding and updating IP addresses, and inserting link resolvers (e.g., OpenURL).

Accessing Your Institutional Administrator Account

If you need an Institutional Administrator user name and pass code to access your account at, contact or call 1-877-304-3224 (7AM to 1AM ET Mon-Fri, 8AM to 8PM ET Sat-Sun).

Frequently Asked Technical Support Questions

Off-Site Remote Access Instructions

Annals of Internal Medicine offers a feature that grants off-campus access for users.  A user does this by linking their personal account (which can be created for free on the Annals website) with their institution’s account so that they can access the institution’s subscriptions on the Annals web site even when they are outside the walls of their institution, and from any device.

In order to use this feature, you must create an “affiliation” between your personal account and the institution’s account, which basically means linking them together.  

You will know you are creating the affiliation when you see both your username and also the institution’s name in the header of the Annals site.

To create the affiliation and access the Annals Web site from anywhere, follow these steps:

  • Authenticate as your institution to the Annals Web site. (Most institutions use what is called "IP Authentication". This means that each institution has its own unique Internet Protocol, or IP address. When a site visitor comes from an approved address, they are granted access to the content for which they have access rights. Because IP addresses are specific to a server or network, once a user goes outside the authorized network, they will have a different IP address which usually does not have access rights to subscription content.).
  • You can verify that you are authenticated at your institution by seeing the name of your institution at the top right of the site’s green header bar, next to the "SUBSCRIBE" link
  • If the name of your institution is not displaying, close the browser. Then re-launch it and go to the Annals Web site.
  • If you have a personal (individual) account, log into it after you see the institution’s name in the header.
  • If you do not have a personal account, click on the link "(FREE ACCOUNT)" at the same section in the upper right.
  • As soon as you see both your personal username and the institution’s name in the top right, the “affiliation”, or link, between the accounts has been created and is good for 90 days. To gain access to the institution’s subscriptions off-site, you simply log into the site from any device or location with your personal account user name and password.

The affiliation will keep the accounts linked for 90 days, during which time (or after) you have to re-create the affiliation to keep it active. You simply follow the same process of logging into your institutional account and then into your personal account.

Please note you can only be affiliated with one institution at a time.  If you affiliate with a second institution, the first institution affiliation will be removed.

Request for Technical Support

If you are unable to access full text and have an active subscription to Annals of Internal Medicine, please complete these steps, collect the information requested, and submit the information with your technical support request form.

  1. Note the browser (including version) and steps taken to view/experience the issue. These steps should be listed out including as much detail as possible.
  2. Take a screen shot including the URL (please also include the time stamp, time-zone & date) (Menu Bar at top of screen: File > Save Page As) or download/install JING (free screencasting computer program).
  3. Open a new tab and paste the Webstate info url (
    Please save a copy of the Webstate info page in PDF (Menu Bar at top of screen: File > Save Page As) or download/install JING (free screencasting computer program).
  4. Ensure only one session is running (no more than one tab open with your credentials/authentication recognized)
  5. If only one session, click on .Abandon Session. hyperlink on Webstate Info page (If two or more sessions/tabs open, close other tabs and click the .Abandon Session. hyperlink).
  6. You will be redirected back to the Home Page for your site.
  7. Open new tab and clear cache (for Chrome, Ctrl+H, delete history, select clear cache)
  8. Navigate back to domain site and refresh page (F5 to refresh)
  9. Ensure IP authentication &/or enter Individual credentials and attempt to reproduce the problem. If able to reproduce, email the form to

Institutional Access to ACP Journal Club Issues

May 20, 2008 to Present

ACP Journal Club sections from May 20th 2008 to the present are included in an institutional site license to Annals of Internal Medicine and are available on the Annals website, ACP Journal Club was incorporated into Annals of Internal Medicine as a monthly section in the second issue of each month starting with the May 20, 2008 issue. Full-text downloads of articles from ACP Journal Club from the May 20th Issue to the present are recorded in COUNTER Journal Report 1 for Annals of Internal Medicine, but downloads of ACP Journal Club articles are not broken out separately from those in Annals.

January/February 1991 to March/April 2008

Institutions with an active Annals site license can obtain access to ACP Journal Club issues from January/February 1991 to March/April 2008 at Please email if your institution needs access.

Promotional Tools

To announce a new subscription or renewal of Annals of Internal Medicine to your users, you can use the following:

If you need any other materials, contact