Meet a Council Member

Chapter ECP Leader

Jabraan S. Pasha, MD, FACP, RDMS


As one of the newest members of the CECP, I have been so pleased with how welcoming the Council has been and how my voice is valued. It is exactly what I hoped for when I applied. ACP continues to provide me with excellent career opportunities, and I look forward to giving back to the College.

In addition to my professional roles as an academic hospitalist and assistant dean of student affairs in which I get to teach and help students navigate the challenges of medical school, I also am intentional in prioritizing my time for interests outside of medicine. One of those interests is advocating for social change. I decided that starting a podcast would create a platform for me to advocate more readily. On Lean In, my guests and I look to normalize having difficult conversations about complex social and personal issues. It has been a wonderful outlet for me.

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