Tennessee Chapter Awards Prior to 2015

The Chapter is pleased to honor the following chapter award recipients for their dedication, demonstration of excellence, and support of the chapter and the science and humanity of medicine. The physicians honored with these awards have rendered distinguished service to the chapter and community and upheld the high ideals and professional standards for which the College is known.

Chapter Laureate Award

1989 Hall S. Tacket, MACP
1989 F. Tremaine (Josh) Billings, MACP
1990 Harrison J. Shull, Sr., MACP
1991 Frank London, FACP
1991 John W. Runyan, Jr., MACP
1992 Gottlieb C. Friesinger, II, MACP
1993 John K. Smith, FACP
1994 Alexander S. Townes, MACP
1995 Clifton R. Cleaveland, MACP
1996 Blair D. Erb, FACP
1997 Frederic E. Cowden, FACP
1997 Walter Puckett, III, MD
1998 Steven Lee Berk, FACP
1999 John H. Griscom, FACP
2000 Phillip D. Bertram, FACP
2001 Ben D. Hall, FACP
2001 Stephen Ray Mitchell, MD, FACP
2002 Winston P. Caine, Jr., FACP
2003 Dennis R. Schaberg, MACP
2004 Francis Gluck, FACP
2005 Mack Land, FACP
2006 Richard Lane, MD
2006 Jim G. Johnson, FACP
2007 J. Fred Ralston, Jr., FACP
2007 John Sergent, MACP
2008 Tracey E. Doering, FACP
2009 James B. Lewis, Jr., FACP
2009 Stephen T. Miller, FACP
2010 Robert A. Vegors, FACP
2011 Mukta Panda, MD, FACP
2012 Paul C. McNabb FACP
2013 Kenneth E. Olive, MD, FACP
2014 William Schaffner, II, MD, MACP
2015 Mark D. Anderson, MD, FACP


Volunteerism and Community Service Award

2004 David W. Gregory, FACP
2005 Gregory O'Dea, PhD
2007 Lee Swartzberg, FACP
2008 Mark D. Anderson, FACP
2009 Edward A. Griffin, FACP
2010 Gordon J. Kraus, MD
2011 Clifton R. Cleaveland, MD, MACP
2012 Robert F. Miller, MD
2013 Donald E. Robinson, MD, FACP
2015 Dan S. Ely, MD, FACP


Humanities in Medicine Award

2003 Clifton R. Cleaveland, MD, MACP