Montana Governor's Newsletter May 2024

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Steve Gerstner, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Governor's Message


I am writing this after attending the board of governors meeting and subsequent Internal Medicine Meeting in Boston. At the BOG meeting business session, we addressed what was for me a record number of resolutions and am pleased to report that one of the resolutions that we co-sponsored passed. This resolution addressed the issue of the who the designation of "doctor" applies to and after some reworking of the language I feel what was passed is fair to all health care professionals and our patients who should know the credentials of their provider. You can find how the other resolutions fared through the ACP website. At the awards luncheon I was proud to stand when the Chapter Gold Award winners were announced, a big accomplishment for our chapter.

Saturday April 20 was my final day as your ACP Chapter Governor, and I look forward to Mike Spinelli's direction! I want to thank all of you for your support, the time spent reviewing resolutions, and your attendance at our awesome chapter meetings. I thank our Governor's Council for the time they spent on chapter business, and I especially want to acknowledge the work of Brad Bergman who has served as our very capable treasurer for a number of years. Finally, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Executive Director Carrie Reisig who works so hard for our chapter. I heard from several governors about the difficult times they had recruiting and retaining competent directors – one went through three directors in her four years as governor! We are so fortunate to have Carrie and as you should know, the Gold Award is entirely through her efforts and without her gentle reminders and prodding of our governor we would be getting nowhere.

It has been an honor and pleasure to serve as your governor! I hope to see all of you at our next chapter meeting in Billings this September!

Steve Gerstner MD FACP



Spring BOG/Internal Medicine Meeting in Boston.

Top row – Steve Gerstner, MD, FACP; Belinda Kaur and Whitney Ward

Bottom row – Steve Chrzanowski, MD, FACP and Brad Bergman, MD, FACP; Steve Gerstner, MD, FACP




IM Speed Dating Event

Thanks to Pam Hiebert, MD, FACP for organizing the IM Speed Dating Event!

The first year WWAMI students attended the annual Speed Dating Internal Medicine event hosted by the Montana Chapter. The students enjoyed conversing with a range of IM physicians, who shared insights on different specialties and offered valuable advice. The physicians expressed great enthusiasm for their respective fields, helping students appreciate the importance of studying various organ systems this semester and possibly inspiring them to pursue a career in Internal Medicine.




2024 Montana Chapter Hospital Medicine Meeting

The 2024 Montana Chapter Hospital Medicine Meeting was held in Whitefish. A special acknowledgment goes to Chris Dietrich, DO, FACP for organizing the event.




Montana Chapter Scientific Meeting

The Montana Chapter Scientific Meeting took place at Benefis Healthcare in Great Falls. We extend our sincere appreciation to Brad Bergman, MD, FACP and Katie Blair, MD, FACP who did an outstanding job planning the meeting.




Save The Date! 2024 Montana Chapter Meeting




Montana Chapter Financial Report

As of March 2024, financial statements for the Montana Chapter show an income of $38,175.00 expenses totaling $20,637.00 with a net income of $17,538.00.

A detailed statement is available by contacting the Montana Chapter treasurer, Brad Bergman, MD FACP.



I Raise the Rates!

ACP Offers Resources to Help Raise Immunization Rates

Several resources are available to help physicians and health care professionals ensure that patients receive the correct immunizations in accordance with the Center for Disease Control's Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule



Are you ready to be an FACP?

Fellowship in the American College of Physicians is a peer-reviewed and peer-supported credential that is a public reflection of excellence within the internal medicine profession. FACP signifies an ongoing dedication to the profession of internal medicine, the patients we care for, and the communities we serve.




Mental Health Awareness Month

Join ACP in observing Mental Health Awareness Month this May. We are dedicated to protecting the mental health of our members and have curated resources that embrace a holistic, systems-level approach to well-being. Our focus is twofold—first, we're working to normalize mental health help-seeking, and second, we've developed tools to benefit both individuals and organizations.

Take time this month to explore ACP's resources at the I.M. Emotional Support Hub 4&elqat=1 and check in on loved ones, colleagues, and friends to see how they are doing and share helpful resources and tools. Together, we can foster a culture where mental health is a priority.

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2024 ACP Advocacy Priorities

ACP's advocacy priorities seek to promote policy reforms on the federal level through legislative, regulatory, and executive actions that benefit the overall health and well-being of patients, physicians, and the practice of internal medicine.




I.M. Physician Toolkit

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