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Chapter Awardees

Laureate Award
1980 Theodore I. Bauer, MD, FACP
1980 Myrton S. Chambers, MD, FACP
1980 Dwight C. Ensign, MD, FACP
1980 Robert C. Moehlig, MD, FACP
1980 George A. Sherman, MD, FACP
1980 George L. Waldbott, MD, FACP
1981 Richard C. Connelly, MD, FACP
1981 John V. Fopeano, MD, FACP
1981 John D. Littig, MD, FACP
1981 Alvin E. Price, MD, FACP
1981 William S. Reveno, MD, FACP
1981 Lutfi M. Sa'di, MD, FACP
1981 Joseph H. Shaffer, MD, FACP
1982 Noyes L. Avery, MD, FACP
1982 Louis J. Bailey, MD, FACP
1982 Gordon W. Balyeat, MD, FACP
1982 Abraham Becker, MD, FACP
1982 Benjamin B. Blum, MD, FACP
1982 Hyman S. Mellen, MD, FACP
1982 Clayton K. Stroup, MD, FACP
1983 Howard B. Appleman, MD, FACP
1983 Irving Donald Fagin, MD, FACP
1983 Benjamin Juliar, MD, FACP
1983 Daniel W. Myers, MD, FACP
1983 George W. Slagle, MD, FACP
1983 Donald S. Smith, MD, FACP
1983 Henry L. Smith, MD, FACP
1984 Muir Clapper, MD, MACP
1984 A. James French, MD, FACP
1984 James Whitney Hall, MD, FACP
1984 Raymond Walter Monto, MD, FACP
1985 Alexander Gotz, MD, FACP
1985 Glenn I. Hiller, MD, FACP
1985 Robert Kenneth Nixon, MD, FACP
1985 William Dodd Robinson, MD, MACP
1985 Frederick C. Swartz, MD, FACP
1986 Robert J. Priest, MD, FACP
1986 Harlod C. Shafer, MD, FACP
1986 John W. Sigler, MD, FACP
1986 Arthur W. Strom, MD, FACP
1987 Richard C. Bates, MD, FACP
1987 Stefan S. Fajans, MD, MACP 1987 Edward L. Quinn, MD, FACP
1988 Arnold R. Axelrod, MD, FACP
1988 James V. Neel, MD, FACP
1988 Chris J. D. Zarafonetis, MD, FACP
1989 Nathan Brooks, MD, FACP
1989 John R. Caldwell, MD, FACP
1989 Muriel C. Meyers, MD, FACP
1989 Beverly C. Payne, MD, MACP
1990 Thomas M. Batchelor, MD, FACP
1990 Ronald C. Bishop, MD, FACP
1990 William D. Harrelson, MD, FACP
1991 Raymond C. Mellinger, MD, FACP
1991 James C. Sisson, MD, FACP
1991 Park W. Willis, III, MD, FACP
1992 Harold E. DePree, MD, FACP
1992 Raymond H. Murray, MD, FACP
1992 Vainutis Vaitkevicius, MD, FACP
1993 Giles G. Boyle, MD, FACP
1993 Joseph John Gadbaw, MD, FACP
1993 Ananda S. Prasad, MD, FACP
1993 Freeman M. Wilner, MD, FACP
1994 JosephPaul Abraham, MD, FACP
1994 C. William Castor, Jr., MD, FACP
1994 Scott Neil Swisher, MD, FACP
1995 Michael J. Brennan, MD, FACP
1995 A. Martin Lerner, MD, FACP
1995 Fred Waite Whitehouse, MD, FACP
1996 David S. Greenbaum, MD, FACP
1996 Charles E. Jackson, MD, FACP
1996 George Ritter, MD, FACP
1997 Richard D. Judge, MD, FACP
1997 Jan Rival, MD, FACP
1997 David R. Rovner, MD, FACP
1997 Francis M. Wilson, MD, FACP
1998 Gilbert B. Bluhm, MD, FACP
1998 John P. Papp, MD, FACP
1998 John A. Penner, MD, FACP
1998 Joseph J. Weiss, MD, FACP
1999 Robert E. Malone, MD, FACP
1999 Tom M. Johnson, MD, FACP
1999 Ruth B. Hoppe, MD, FACP
1999 Sidney Goldstein, MD, FACP
2000 Howard S. Goldberg, MD, FACP
2000 John G. Milliken, MD, FACP
2000 Melvyn Rubenfire, MD, FACP
2000 Bertram Pitt, MD, FACP
2001 Carl B. Lauter, MD, FACP
2001 Daniel Takeharu Anbe, MD, FACP
2001 Louis D. Saravolatz, MD, FACP
2001 H. David Humes, MD, FACP
2001 Leo J Bingley, Jr., MD, FACP
2002 Carlos F. Petrozzi, MD, FACP
2002 John B. O’Connell, MD, FACP
2002 John Popovich, Jr., MD, FACP
2002 Tom Madhavan, MD, FACP
2003 Hugh G. Deery II, MD, FACP
2003 John R. Ebright, MD, FACP
2003 Michael H. Zaroukian, MD, FACP
2003 Paul D. Stein, MD, FACP
2004 Kenneth L. Bergsman, MD, FACP
2004 Ved V. Gossain, MD, FACP
2004 Dorothy M. Kahkonen, MD, FACP
2004 Mark A. Kelley, MD, FACP
2005 Neil A. Basmaji, MD, FACP
2005 Mohamed S. Siddique, MD, FACP
2005 Robert C. Smith, MD, FACP
2006 Laurence H Feenstra, MD FACP
2006 Carl F Hammerstrom, Jr MD FACP
2006 Frederick P Michael, DO FACP
2006 Ernest L Yoder, MD, PhD, FACP
2007 Eric J Scher, MD FACP
2007 Leslie L Rocher, MD FACP
2008 Mary Neddleman Md MACP
2008 Boy Frame, MD, FACP ( Posthumously)
2009 Martha L Gray, MD FACP
2009 John N Sheagren, MD MACP
2009 Catherine A Upton, MD FACP
2010 Gary S Ferenchick, MD FACP
2010 Kim A Eagle, MD FACP
2010 Diane L Levine, MD FACP
2012 Laura Carravallah, MD, FACP
2012 Sean Kesterson, MD, FACP
2012 Henry Bone, MD, FACP
2012 Sandor Shoichet, MD, FACP
2013 Thomas Auer, MD, FACP
2013 Scott Kaatz, DO, FACP
2013 Carol Kauffman, MD, FACPk
2013 Mark Spoolstra, MD, FACP
2014 Susan Steigerwalt, MD, FACP
2014 Sam Silver, MD, MACP
2014 John Carethers, MD, FACP
2014 Robert Blook, MD, FACP
2015 K.P. Ravikrishnan, MD, FACP
2015 Stuart Gordon, MD, FACP
2015 Vanessa Robinson, MD, FACP
2015 James Woolliscroft, MD, FACP
2016 Suzanne Bradley, MD, FACP
2016 Lawrence Crane, MD, FACP
2016 Mark Zervos, MD, FACP
2017 Patricia Brown, MD, FACP
2017 John Ayanian, MD, MPP, FACP
2017 Raymond Hilu, MD, FACP
2018 Leonard Johnson, MD, FACP
2018 Sanjay Saint, MD, FACP
2019 Josephine Dhar, MD, FACP
2019 Vernon Wendt, MD, FACP

Governor's Award
2000 Kenneth A. Fischer, MD, FACP
2001 Eric J Scher, MD, FACP
2002 Richard Wakulat, Jr., MD, FACP
2004 Benjamin J. Diaczok, MD
2004 Joel L. Appel, DO, FACP
2005 Laura A. Carravallah, MD
2005 Melanie G. Hanna-Johnson, MD, MACP
2006 Martha L Gray, MD FACP
2006 Mark A McQuillan, MD FACP
2007 Sean Kaulin Kesterson, MD
2007 Surendra Marur, MD MPH
2007 Rajika L Munasinghe, MBBS FACP
2008 Ponon D Kumar, MD FACP
2009 Sandor H Shoichet, MD FACP
2009 Raymond Hilu, MD FACP
2010 Scott S Kaatz, DO FACP
2011 Francis Dumler, MD, FACP
2011 Mark McQuillan, MD, FACP
2013 Paul Grant, MD, FACP
2016 Francisco Davila, MD, FACP
2016 Khalid Zakaria, MD, FACP
2017 Patricia Dhar, MD, FACP
2017 Sean Drake, MD, FACP
2019 Aimee Espinosa, MD, FACP
2019 Michael Kern, MD, FACP

Lifetime Achievement Award
2005 Raymond H Murray, MD MACP
2006 Jan Rival, MD FACP
2008 Fred W Whitehouse, MD MACP
2008 Richard D Judge, MD
2009 Ananda S Prasad, MD MACP
2010 Joseph J Weiss, MD FACP
2011 Ernie Yoder, MD, PhD, MACP
2012 Ruth Hoppe, MD, FACP
2013 Carl Lauter, MD, FACP
2014 John Sheagren, MD, MACP
2014 John Popovich, MD, MACP
2016 Sandor Shoichet, MD, FACP
2016 Fred Michael DO, FACP
2017 Louis Saravolatz, MD, MACP
2017 Mohamed Siddique, MD, FACP
2018 Carol Kauffman, MD, FACP
2018 Eric Scher, MD, MACP
2019 Jack Sobel, MD, MACP

Volunteerism & Community Service Award
2007 David Michael McCance, DO FACP
2008 Thomas F Alguire, MD FACP
2009 John R Ebright, MD FACP
2010 Richard H Wakulat, Jr MD FACP
2011 Michael Zaroukian, MD PhD, FACP
2012 A. Glenn Snyder, MD
2014 Vanessa Robinson, MD, FACP
2015 Louis Saravolatz, MD, MACP
2016 Richard Roach, MD, FACP
2017 Alexandra Halalau, MD, FACP
2017 Brent Williams, MD, MPH, FACP
2018 Carol Kauffman, MD, FACP
2018 Susan Bannon, MD, FACP
2019 Hari Conjeevaram, MD, FACP

Great Internist of Michigan Award
2009 Carol A Kauffman, MD FACP
2010 Carlos F Petrozzi, MD FACP
2011 John Penner, MD, FACP
2012 Francis M. Wilson, MD, FACP
2013 Jack Sobel, MD, MACP
2014 Carl Lauter, MD, FACP
2015 Michael Maddens, MD, FACP
2016 Lewis Rosenbaum, MD, FACP
2016 Henry Bone, MD, FACP
2017 Martha Gray, MD, FACP
2018 Louis Saravolatz, MD, MACP

Raymond H. Murray Governor's Award
2011 Michael Barnes, MD, FACP
2011 Leonard Johnson, MD, FACP
2012 Lynda Misra, DO, FACP
2012 Elizabeth Warner, MD, FACP
2014 Mark Loehrke, MD, FACP
2014 Jerry Yee, MD, FACP
2013 Heather Laird-Fick, MD, FACP
2015 Sarah Hartley, MD, FACP
2015 Jonathan Zimmerman, MD, FACP Centennial Legacy Award
2015 Boy Frame, MD, MACP
2017 Patricia Dhar, MD, FACP
2017 Sean Drake, MD, FACP
2018 Stephanie Czarnik, MD, FACP