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Rebecca W. Opole, MD, FACP

Dr. Opole serves as the official representative of the College for the Kansas Chapter, providing a link between members at the local level and leadership at the national level. To learn more about Dr. Opole, read their bio.

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Scott A. Smiley, MD, FACP receives 2022 Chapter Laureate Award

During the October 2022 Chapter Meeting, the Kansas Chapter presented the Chapter Laureate Award to Dr. Scott Smiley. The Laureate Award honors and recognizes achievement of excellence in internal medicine in the State of Kansas. Categories of Laureate-level accomplishment include scholarship and contributions to the medical literature, excellence as a teacher, significant innovations in or contributions to health care services, and advancement of the goals of the American College of Physicians and of other medical societies and organizations.  


Congratulations to the 2022 Chapter Awardees

Scott A. Smiley, MD, FACP, Chapter Laureate Award
Megan A. Dingwall, MD, FACP, Early Career Physician of the Year
Jennifer A. Jackson, MD, FACP, Internist of the Year
Sabina Safder, MD, FACP, Hospitalist of the Year
Craig A. Concannon, MD, FACP, Volunteerism Award
Abebe M. Abebe, MD, FACP Delp Teacher of the Year


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