Florida Chapter's Council and Committees

Governor's Advisory Council

Aftab Ahmad, MD MBA CPE FACP FACHE - Orange Park

Ankush Bansal, MD FACP - West Palm Beach

Daniel Bendetowicz, MD FACP - Fort Myers

Yvonne J. Braver, MD FACP - Tampa

Stefanie R. Brown, MD FACP - Miami Beach

Karen Echeverria-Beltran, MD FACP - Orlando

N. Lawrence Edwards, MD MACP - Gainesville

George Everett, MD MS FACP - Orlando

Jason M. Goldman, MD FACP - Boca Raton

Manning H. Hanline, MD FACP - Pensacola

Henry M. Haire, MD FACP - Boca Raton

Jeff G. House, DO FACP   - Jacksonville

Himangi Kaushal, MD FACP - Miami

John G. Langdon, MD FACP - Winter Park

Tulisa H. LaRocca, MD FACP - Boynton Beach

Zachary C. Liao, MD MPH - Miami

Mario J, Madruga, MD FACP - Orlando

Benjamin Mena, MD FACP - Tampa

Cynthia E. Miller, MD FACP - Madeira Beach

Kellee L. Oller, MD FACP - Tampa

Naresh H. Pathak, MD FACP - Parkland

Cristina Pravia, MD FACP - Miami

Rahil H. Shah, MS Class of 2020 - Miami

Michelle Rossi, MD FACP - Gainesville

Stacy P. Rubin, MD - Coral Springs

Elisa Sottile, MD FACP - Jacksonville

Claudio D. Tuda, MD FACP - Miami Beach

Wilhelmine Wiese-Rometsch, MD FACP - Sarasota

Frederick K. Williams, MD FACP - Fort Lauderdale


Council of Resident/Fellow Members

Tahir Haque, Co-chair - University of Miami/Jackson Memorial

Zach Liao, Co-chair - University of Miami/Jackson Memorial

Brian Toston - Aventura Hospital

Umair Shaikh - Aventura Hospital

Annie Gupta - Cleveland Clinic

Melissa Woo - Cleveland Clinic

Kishan Patel - Brandon Regional Hospital

Hector Gonzalez - Florida Atlantic University

Luis Isea - AdventHealth Orlando

Syed Hasan - AdventHealth Orlando

Chris Jenkins - Florida State University - Sarasota

Justin George - Florida State University - Sarasota

Ijay James - Florida State University - Sarasota

Caitlin Bass - Florida State University - Sarasota

Juan Dorado - Florida State University - Tallahassee

Andres Sobrado - Kendall Regional

Ruben Cabrera - Kendall Regional

Emmanuel McDonald - Larkin Community Hospital

Raul Fernandez - Larkin Community Hospital

Sheetal Patel - Mayo Clinic Florida

Israel Ugalde - Mount Sinai Medical Center

Alison Fernandes - NCH Healthcare System Naples

Zakia Rauf - NCH Healthcare System Naples

Shobana Iyer - Orange Park Medical Center

Satish Ravi - Orlando Park Medical Center

Maxim Olivier - Orlando Health

Kathlyn Camargo Macias - UCF/HCA Consortium - Orlando

Saif Borgan - UCF/HCA Consortium - Orlando

Dhaval Upadhyay - UCF/HCA Consortium - Gainesville

Frans Badenhorst - UCF/HCA Consortium - Gainesville

Shiyi (Sarah) Pang - University of Florida - Gainesville

Madeline Fasen - University of Florida - Jacksonville

Jose Rivas - University of Florida - Jacksonville

Alexandra Sanchez - University of Miami at Holy Cross Hospital

Juan M. Teran - University of Miami at JFK Medical Center

Katie Merry - University of Miami at JFK Medical Center

Bryant Shuey - University of South Florida

Caroline Lee - University of South Florida


Council of Student Members

Rahil Shah, Chair - Florida International University

Alexander Small - Florida Atlantic University

Angelina Avdella - Florida Atlantic University

Ian Ergui - Florida International University

Jean Claude Guidi - Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Sara Lohbauer - Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Jessica Forbes - Nova Southeastern University

Milee Patel - Nova Southeastern University

Marvi Qureshi - University of Central Florida

Cristina Marie Cabrera - University of Central Florida

Halle Goodwin - University of Florida

Marcus Threadcraft - University of Florida

Caroline Bresnan - University of South Florida

Overall Chapter Management & Legislation, Practice Management, Professional Liability Insurance

Dawn Moerings

Executive Director
2410 Ormsby Circle W.
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Phone: (904) 355-0800
Fax: (904) 584-9599
Toll Free: (800) 542-8461

Membership, Education,and Meetings

Bridget H. Anderson

2410 Ormsby Circle W.
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Phone: (904) 355-0800
Fax: (904) 584-9599
Toll Free: (800) 542-8461

Chapter Counsel, Contract Review

Christopher L. Nuland

2410 Ormsby Circle W.
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Phone: (904) 355-0800
Fax: (904) 584-9599