Saudi Arabia Governor's Newsletter May 2016

Maha M. Abdulaziz Al Saud, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2016

The ACP Internal Medicine Meeting is regarded as the premier scientific meeting in internal medicine. The 2016 conference took place in Washington, DC on May 5–7. Members of the ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter attended the meeting and networked with colleagues from around the world. Our governor, Dr Maha, was invited to become a member of the ACP International Council, which sponsored three seminars of special interest to international members:

  • High-value international care: How other countries are choosing wisely in using limited healthcare resources on 5 May.
  • Emerging infectious diseases: An international perspective on Ebola on 6 May.
  • Ethics, Law and shared decision-making: Multicultural approaches to end-of-life care on 7 May.



Tenth Annual ACP International Forum

The Saudi Arabia Chapter Governor was honoured to be invited to present at the ACP International Forum for the first time this year, alongside delegates from Japan, Indonesia, Colombia and the United States. The topic of the Forum was Training Standards for Internal Medicine around the World. The Saudi Chapter's presentation was delivered by Dr Maha.

The Forum provides an opportunity for ACP leaders and international leaders of internal medicine to discuss important topics of interest to all internists. A moderator led the panel of five international physicians, including Dr Maha, which commented on key questions and participated in a discussion. This was covered in Arabia Now, the magazine of the Royal Saudi Embassy in the US. You can read the news article here.


Saudi Chapter Governor Dr Maha Al Saud takes part in the Tenth Annual ACP International Forum



ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter Reception

Members of the ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter had the opportunity to socialise at a Chapter reception held at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC. Around 20 ACP members and their guests attended the reception. Delegates also supported students who were participating in poster presentations at the conference as well as members of the Saudi team taking part in the annual Doctor's Dilemma competition.


A very successful reception for Saudi members of the ACP was held at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC.



Doctor's Dilemma Competition

A Saudi team of residents competed once again this year in the Annual ACP Doctor's Dilemma Competition, which was eventually won by a team from Saint Michael's Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey. More than 50 teams competed from the US, Canada, Central America, Japan and Southeast Asia. The competition has been held for 22 years and includes several gruelling heats before the final four teams compete for the title, quickly answering questions in a number of specialty areas.


The Saudi team in the annual Doctor's Dilemma Competition.



ACP Issues Urgent Call to Action on Climate Change

In the paper, “Climate Change and Health: A Position Paper of the American College of Physicians,” published April 19 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, ACP urges physicians and the world health care community to engage in environmentally sustainable practices that reduce carbon emissions; to support efforts to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change; and to educate the public, colleagues, community, and lawmakers about the health risks posed by climate change.



FREE Instructional Diabetes DVDs for Your Patients

ACP's highly praised instructional Diabetes DVDs are back in stock! These videos cover a variety of diabetes self-management topics including:

  • Foot Exams
  • Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
  • How to Use an Insulin Pen
  • How to Give Yourself Insulin
  • How to Prepare for Your Diabetes Doctor Visit
  • How to Take Your Own Blood Pressure

These patient-tested resources were developed in partnership with patients and physicians, using credible, evidence-based research. They are designed to help patients build self-management skills through demonstration.

  • Available free of charge
  • Easy to understand
  • Appropriate for all health literacy levels
  • Feature real patients and physicians

Order online or contact Member and Customer Service at 800-523-1546 ext. 2600. Browse ACP's other patient education materials.



Welcome to the Newest Members of the Chapter (Past 6 Months)


Faiza Aziz, MBBS, FACP Reham M Kaki, MBBS, FACP
Walid Eltantawi, MBBCh, FACP Muhammad N Zahir, MBBS, FACP


Faheem M Ahmed, MD Hassan Yousef Faraj, MD
Shad Ahmed, MBBS MD Hanan Ibrahim Hakami, MBBS
Salha B Alboainain, MD Tayyaba Irshad, MBBS
CAPT Wael N. Alghifary, MD Ftayes S Kadasah, MBBS
Saleh Maeed Alotaibi, MBBS Yahya Khobrani, MBBS
Bassel Alsarraj, MD Abdalla M A Mohamed, MBBS
Usamah M Elalem, MBBS MD David Roe, MBChB


Mohammed Abalhassan, MBBS Rashed E Alrehaili, Md
Bayan Abdulhadi, MBBS Alaa Soud Alrehaily, MBBS
Abdulrhman Al Abdulqader, MBBS Eman A Alsaadi, MBBS
Amal Ali Al Dawood, MBBS Ahmed Fouad Alsayed, MBBS
Sumayyah Al Tamimiq, MBBS Jafar M Alshangiti II, MD
Sami Helayel Al-Harbi, MBBS Sara A Althomali, MBBS
Hussain Mohammed Al-Shamali, BCh MB Mohammad W Alwadi, MBBS
Bayan Alahmadi, MBBS Abrar Alzahrani, MBBS
Ammar Mohammed Alammari Jr, MBBS Kamal Alzahrani, MBBS
Abdulrahman Mohammed Alanazi, MBBS Mashari Alzahrani, MBBS
Alanoud Hejab Alanazi, MBBS Mohannad Mobarak Badghaish, MBBS
Faisal Albaiz, MD Salman A. Bahammam, MBBS
Faisal K Alfouzan, MD Ammar Balkheyour, MBBS
Mohammed M Alfutaih, MBBS Nada K Bashnini, MD
1ST Mohammed H Algarni II, MBBS Khaled Bayamin, MBBS
Habeebah A Alghadouni, AHP Thamer Binyousef, MD
Ahmed A Alghamdi, MBBS BG Israa Zina Allah Farooqi III, MBBS
Fahad Alhabib, MBBS Reeman Gotbi, MBBS
Omar Alhamdan, MBBS Abdulrahman Hasan Balkhoyor, MBBS
Mohammed Ghannam Alharbi, MBBS Naif S Khatani, MD
Yousef Samran Aljrarri, MBBS Magdi A Mahgoub, MBBS
Fetoon Mohammad Aljuiad, MBBS Najeeb M Mahrous, MBBS
Danya M Alkabbani, MBBS Hebah Mansour, MBBS
Areej Alkhairy, MBBS Alaa S Nazzal, MD
Samaher Fayez Almotadaris, MBBS Hassan Odah, MBBS
Faisal Manai Alotaibi, MD Yasamen Abdulmannan Shikdar, MD
Badr Alothimen, MBBS Rbab Taha, MD
Hawazen Alqahtani Sr, MBBS CDR Hala Ismail Zeinelabidin II, MBBS

Medical Students

Hana Abdulaziz Aboauf Aaya Satouf, MBBS
Marwah A Al-Hausa Yasser Abdulmohaimen Aldabbagh
Bader Abdullah Alharbi Mustafa Hassan Alajwad
Hadeel Alomran Mohanna Alhomsy
Mohammad Ali Alqahtani Rahaf Altwijri
Rakan Saeed Alqahtani Mansor A Binhashr
Amal Alrifai Ahmad Bassam Hourani
Abdulrahman M Alsheikh, MD, MBBS Ibrahim Mohamed Matouk
Yasser F Altowyan Mohammed Al-Rumaih
1ST Emtinan Abdullah Fallatah II Faris A Alanazi
Dalia Abdulaziz Felemban Modhi A Alhussinan
Mohammed Jalawi Korkoman Waleed M Alkhuraimi
Moayyad Malas Saud Abdullah Alsahli
Abdulrahman Mansour Hassan Balubaid
Mohammad Abdulrahman Marzogi Shahad Hussein Abu-Sheikha
Abdulrahman Yahya Qatomah  



Contact Information

Maha Mishari Abdulaziz Al Saud, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Saudi Arabia Chapter