Global Engagement Committee Spotlight

Embracing Global Engagement in Healthcare

In today's globally networked world, nurturing international communication, collaboration, and engagement is critical to our health care mission. The American College of Physicians (ACP) is proud to be at the forefront of this initiative, recognizing the indispensable role of internal medicine physicians in this global endeavor. Our Global Engagement Committee (GEC) is a diverse assembly of internal medicine physicians and staff from around the world. This committee is a dynamic platform for exchanging knowledge, best practices, and innovative solutions. As medical challenges know no borders, the dedication of our GEC members toward global engagement is genuinely commendable. Their consistent efforts enhance mutual understanding and cultural exchange and catalyze advancements in research and technology. This approach equips us to address complex health issues effectively and promotes global collaboration. The ACP's steadfast commitment to inclusivity, equity, patient-centric care, and systems that foster professional fulfillment and well-being are paramount in building bridges of understanding among diverse cultures and nations.

GEC featured members

Marianne C. Parshley, MD, FACP

Dr. Parshley has practiced primary care general internal medicine for the last 36 years in Oregon, first across inpatient & outpatient boundaries, now exclusively outpatient, focusing mostly on geriatrics and complex chronic care. Dr. Parshley currently serves on the ACP Board of Regents and serves as the current President of the Oregon Medical Association. She is past Governor of the Oregon chapter and on the ACP delegation to the American Medical Association. After a graduate certificate in palliative care, Dr. Parshley also helps teach palliative care communication skills at the University of Washington Palliative Care Training Center. As lead palliative care champion and Geri-pall liaison, she is helping develop a primary palliative care program for Providence Medical Group Oregon. She believes in inter-professional team-based care and the value of the longitudinal relationships built with patients that is the foundation of primary care. Outside the clinic walls, Dr. Parshley practices being a physician advocate and mentor as a member of the ACP and the Oregon Medical Association.

Ebrahim Barkoudah, MD, MPH, MBA, FACP, SFHM

Dr. Ebrahim Barkoudah serves as the System Chief of Hospital Medicine at Baystate Health and the Regional Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer. Dr. Barkoudah has demonstrated leadership at institutions such as Brigham Health, Mass General Brigham, and Harvard Medical School. His research interests lie predominantly in clinical research outcomes, primarily focusing on quality improvement and clinical innovation. Dr. Barkoudah boasts a distinguished global academic background, with education spanning across three continents - Harvard University/Harvard School of Public Health, Damascus University, and St. Hugh's College of Oxford and SBS Business School at the University of Oxford. His training includes the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston, the Global Management Program at Yale, and the Executive Management Track at Harvard Business School. He is currently serving on various clinical innovation committees regionally and nationally.

Drs. Parshley and Barkoudah's commitment to improving the healthcare system, global perspectives, and expertise make them invaluable assets to our committee and the broader medical community.

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