Highlights from ACP Internist and ACP Hospitalist

ACP Internist November/December 2020:

  • Preventive care still on during COVID-19
    COVID-19 may foster innovation in primary care as physicians describe various strategies to reconnect with patients, such as leveraging telemedicine visits to also explain the practice's coronavirus-related safety protocols, or systematically reviewing their panels to flag at-risk patients.
  • The push toward a COVID-19 vaccine
    As America closes in on a vaccine for COVID-19, experts focus on which ones will work best, if at all, how to ramp up production, and how to fairly administer millions of doses.
  • President's Message: The pain of 2020 and the hope for 2021
    We have lost so much this past year, but loss also reminds us of our abundant blessings, so many we take for granted daily.

ACP Internist October 2020:

  • Lessons learned from telemedicine
    Although many internists may have felt inexperienced with telemedicine before the pandemic, they could well have been doing it all along.

ACP Hospitalist November 2020:

  • Pandemic perspectives Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    The readers of ACP Hospitalist have written about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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