Empower Your Patients with Award-Winning Patient Education Resources!

Help your patients understand their conditions with resources that offer practical tips for self-management, leading to improved health outcomes.

Our new Heart Failure Online Guide 1248 gives patients the essential tools they need to take charge of their condition:

  • Informative sections on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and support
  • Printable resources such as “Questions for my Doctor”, and a medicine tracker
  • Videos on eating well, pacemakers, ICD, and more
  • Audio recording of all content

Choose ACP Patient Education Resources

  • Most are Free - so cost is not a factor
  • Digital or print format - reach patients the way they want
  • High-quality content - that's trusted by physicians
  • Easy to read - written at or below a 6th grade level

A wide array of topics to choose from - including Adult Immunization, Atrial Fibrillation, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, and Hypertension

Also available: FREE videos and DVDs in over 20 topics.

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