ACP Welcomes New International Fellows

ACP is pleased to announce the following newly elected International Fellows, who were recommended by the Credentials Committee and approved for election by the Board of Regents as of March 1, 2019. They are listed by current location and may have been credentialed through a different Chapter.

Atlantic Provinces

Ian L. Epstein, MD, FACP


Mohammad Mahfuzul Hoque, MBBS, FACP

Golam Nabi, MD, FACP


Marcel Luiz Brunetto, MD, FACP

Eduardo Correa Meyer, MD, FACP

Norma A. Grunspun, MD, FACP

Rafael Vasconcellos, MD, FACP


Nikkiah Meoshi Forbes, MBBS, FACP

Central America

Lillanis D. Montilla, MD, FACP


Marcelo Navarrete, MD, PhD, FACP

Luis Alejandro Toro Cabrera, MD, PhD, FACP


Donaldo S. Arteta Arteta, MD, FACP

Juan G. Cendales Rey, MD, FACP

Tatiana Lucia Espinosa Espitia, MD, FACP

Augusto Enrique Maza Villadiego, MD, FACP

Miguel Andres Olmos Oyola, MD, FACP

Julian Humberto Ramirez Urrea Sr., MD, FACP

Martha P. Rodriguez Sanchez, MD, FACP

Edgar M. Sarmiento Reyes, MD, FACP

Claudia Sossa Melo, MD, FACP

Anibal Ricardo Viera Jaraba, MD, FACP

Juan Pablo Zapata, MD, FACP


Sunita Aggarwal, MD, FACP

E. Dhandapani, MD, FACP

D. Sree Bhushan Raju, MD, FACP

Divya Saxena, MBBS, MD, FACP

Nishikant A. Sharma, MD, FACP

Nihal Thomas, MD FACP


Manabu Izumi, MD, FACP

Masamichi Yokoe, MD, FACP

Other Countries

Mohammed Abukhattab, MD, FACP – Qatar

Jorge G. Marte, MD, FACP – Dominican Republic

Jem Ninan, MD, FACP – Australia

Muhammad Ahmed Saeed, MBBS, FACP – Pakistan

Sameer Acharath Valappil, MD, FACP – Qatar

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