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Know Your Colleagues, Know Yourself: Checking In on Mental Health

Liz Lawrence, MD, FACP

Burnout impacts approximately half of residents and depression and depressive symptoms are seen in more than a quarter of residents. To help residents recognize a colleague in need and check in with themselves, Liz Lawrence, MD, FACP, shares ways to identify colleagues who may be in distress and how you can reach out to offer help. She also explores the importance of checking in with yourself and offers strategies to help prevent and address personal distress during residency.

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Microaggressions: Understanding What They Are and Why They Are Harmful

In this free 1-hour webinar, Aarati Didwania, MD, MSCI, FACP, reviews how microaggressions manifest in the health care environment, examines the outcomes associated with the experience of microaggressions, and explores techniques to minimize both the occurrence of microaggressions and the effects of repeated exposure.

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