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Protective Equipment for Physicians' Mental Health

By Mollie Frost
ACP Internist

[According to Dr. Barrett] “I hope that everybody who reads this article, that the first thing that they do is work to change their credentialing applications to not ask about mental health. That could be as easy as an e-mail to your medical staff office or to human resources asking them to remove questions that stigmatize mental health care. The second step is to be proactive about sharing mental health resources, such as Emotional PPE,also the Physician Support Line,any state-based resources, and also any employee-assistance programs. Third, add those mental health resources as contacts to your phone so that then you can share them with others. And, last, host a grand rounds on this topic because that's how we start to change the culture.”

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Use the Advocacy Toolkit: Modernizing License and Credentialing Applications to Not Stigmatize Mental Health

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Annals On Call - Keeping Physicians in the Workforce

By Robert M. Centor, MD, and Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH

In this episode of Annals On Call, Dr. Centor discusses issues of physician turnover and the need to keep physicians in the workforce with Dr. Eileen Barrett.

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