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“Doctors are Covid's First Historians,” The New York Times

By Ron Suskind, Illustrations by Lilli Carré, June 12, 2020

Over 40 physicians from NewYork–Presbyterian and Massachusetts General Hospital recorded 10-minute conversations with colleagues discussing their experiences, fears, and hopes as they battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which “eyes” from this clearly consequential time will scholars seek; whose perspective — built, as perspectives are, from truths ranging from the widely known and broadly experienced to the personally felt — will be most instructive for history's record? A safe bet: doctors and nurses treating Covid-19.

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“How to Handle Biased Patients,” ACP Hospitalist

By Mollie Frost, June 2020

When a patient insults you or rejects care based on such characteristics as race, gender, or religion, it can put a strain on your mental health and well-being. Many physicians have come up with strategies to deal with these problematic patients, and organizations are increasingly adopting policies to protect their clinicians.

Even if patients don't engage in obviously biased behaviors, repeated microaggressions can build up over time, potentially leading to decreased physician well-being if they are not addressed.

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