Noteworthy Resources

Bibliotherapy Virtual Book Club

Join your ACP colleagues and friends for a virtual book club! In January, the club is reading Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything by Lydia Kang, MD and Nate Peterson, with a Zoom discussion on January 31, 2021, at 5 p.m. EST. Discover what we can learn from wild, comical, and dangerous medical treatments prescribed by doctors in the past. To register for the discussion, click the link below or email

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Self-Compassion Tools

Dr. Kristin Neff is a leader in research on self-compassion. Her website offers articles, guided meditations, exercises, and resources to help you increase your own self-compassion, as well as teach the principles to others. Start by testing your own self-compassion to see where you can improve.

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A Guide for Health Systems to Save Lives From “Deaths of Despair” and Improve Community Well-being

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

This guide, targeted to health care leadership, offers practical yet meaningful steps to lessen deaths of despair (i.e., deaths due to drugs, alcohol, and suicide) among vulnerable communities, including the clinicians working in their own systems.

Many health system leaders have made caring for their workforce their highest priority and there is continued need to increase emphasis on supporting these individuals that will require cultural shifts, healing spaces, and system-level changes. Many challenges that the workforce is facing are not unique to the pandemic. Ongoing efforts must include addressing meaning and purpose, choice and autonomy, wellness and resilience, and other factors.

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Who Are the Doctors Who End Their Own Lives?

The Podcast by KevinMD

Many physicians desire control but increasingly find themselves losing control, whether it's from dealing with insurance companies and administrators, trying to balance work and family, or being confronted with a novel virus they do not fully understand. In this podcast episode, Kevin Pho interviews Missouri Well-being Champion Fariha Shafi about her KevinMD blog post on physician suicide. Dr. Shafi discusses the need for self-compassion, finding a safe outlet to express honest emotions, and self-care.

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NEW ACP Chapter Activity Resources

ACP has recently published new modules to help members plan in-person and virtual chapter activities. Topic areas include:

Not all topics are well-being related, but all can be used to help achieve professional fulfillment. We hope you find these modules helpful as you work to support physician well-being within your chapter.

ACP Resident and Student Well-being Resources

The College has a wide variety of content available to help you support your residents and students. ACP's new collection of curated student well-being resources features webinars, articles, and other wellness tools. ACP Leadership Academy webinar “Physician Well-being for Residents and Fellows by Dr. Fatima Syed and Virginia Well-being Champion Dr. Stewart Babbott discusses well-being strategies for resident and fellow members. “Know Your Colleagues, Know Yourself: Checking in on Mental Health, “ a webinar by New Mexico Well-being Champion Dr. Liz Lawrence, helps medical trainees recognize mental health distress in their colleagues and in themselves and teaches them how to identify the support available within their own institutions.

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence RULER Method (Recognize, Understand, Label, Exercise, Regulate)

The RULER method teaches social and emotional intelligence to people of all ages. In Dr. Kerri Palamara's Feelings and Needs webinar (now available for download as an ACP adaptable presentation! ), we learned about the importance of identifying and expressing feelings and needs to help improve your well-being. The RULER method helps people of all ages build skills to express their feelings in acceptable and regulated ways in order to help increase workplace performance and improve interpersonal relationships.

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