Analyzing Annals: Professionalism in Medicine: Our Family Secrets

The Annals essay, Our Family Secrets, describes the disrespectful, and repugnant, behavior of some physicians toward patients. Moreover, it challenges us to ask ourselves to consider truthfully whether we have ever silently observed inappropriate behavior or even joined in. Read the editorial or listen to the audio recording of why the Annals editors decided to publish this essay.

Consider the following:

  • Have you ever been in situations where you felt you should stop colleagues from behaving inappropriately? Did you? Was it easy? What is the right thing to do? These are lessons we've all heard since childhood. Are they different here?
  • Why do physicians sometimes behave badly? How can we prevent it? How can we stop it when it happens? What should be done after such an event has been stopped?
  • Imagine you are an editor of a medical journal. Would you have published this essay? Why or why not? Do you object, or agree, with the decision to publish this piece anonymously? Why or why not?

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