Analyzing Annals: On Being a Doctor: World Changing

In a recent issue of Annals, Dr. Plumb tells of the pain that resulted from being named in a medical malpractice lawsuit during her residency, and how she continues to struggle navigating the emotional sequelae while simultaneously striving to be a physician who will "change the world."

Use this essay to:

  • Listen to an audio recording of World Changing, read by Annals' editor for On Being a Doctor, Dr. Michael LaCombe.
  • Explore your feelings around bad patient outcomes (e.g., guilt, anxiety, anger, frustration, fear) and how you may cope with them.
  • Do you fear being sued? How is that different from the fear of one's medical decisions turning out not to be the best for a patient? Do you think these fears prompt us to be better or worse physicians?

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