Chronotype, Unhealthy Lifestyle, and Diabetes Risk in Middle-Aged U.S. Women, A Prospective Cohort Study and Evening Chronotype, Circadian Misalignment, and Metabolic Health: Implications for Diabetes Prevention and Beyond

(From the October 2023 Annals for Educators)

People who are inclined to later sleeping times have an increased risk for diabetes. This study used the Nurses' Health Study II to examine the role of modifiable lifestyle behaviors in the association between chronotype and diabetes risk. The accompanying editorial discusses the findings and the implications for future study.

Use this article and this editorial to:

  • Review how chronotype was defined in this study, and then ask yourself whether you have a morning or evening chronotype.
  • Which chronotype do you think would have more difficulty with working overnight shifts?
  • What are the limitations of this study? What types of studies would need to be done to overcome these limitations?
  • Do you plan to make any changes in clinical practice based on this study?

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