Cumulative All-Cause Mortality in Diverse Hispanic/Latino Adults. A Prospective, Multicenter Cohort Study and Shedding Light on the Health of Latino Populations in the United States

(from the March 2024 Annals for Educators)

Using a prospective, multicenter cohort (the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos), the authors of this study describe all-cause mortality across different U.S. Hispanic/Latino groups and how it is affected when sociodemographic, acculturation-related, lifestyle, and clinical factors are accounted for. The editorialists discuss the findings and identify areas for future research that will provide better understanding of acculturation and lifestyle factors that contribute to different patterns of mortality among Latino subgroups.

Use this article and the editorial to:

  • Do you routinely ask persons who identify as Hispanic/Latino which country they or their family are from; if they were born in the United States; and, if not, how long they have lived in the United States?
  • Given the findings of this study, why might the additional patient history be clinically important?
  • Speculate on the reasons for the differing findings in persons of different Hispanic/Latino backgrounds.
  • Describe how one might design the types of studies that the editorial calls for to better understand the findings of the current study.

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