MKSAP 19 Tracker

Targeted Learning Assessment and Remediation

The MKSAP 19 Residency Program Tracker enables residency programs to assess potential knowledge gaps and create appropriate remediation plans as residents work through MKSAP 19’s individualized learning platform. A free enhancement included within MKSAP 19, the MKSAP 19 Residency Program Tracker combines the benefits of MKSAP 19’s gold standard self-assessment content with an educator’s toolbox facilitating tracking of residents’ proficiency and progress in answering MKSAP’s 1200 psychometrically validated multiple-choice questions. With the Tracker’s assignment feature, programs also can create custom sets of questions, based on identified educational needs, to address knowledge gaps and reinforce learning.

Free “Plug-and-Play” Educator’s Toolbox

The MKSAP 19 Residency Program Tracker is “built in” to MKSAP 19 Digital, Complete, and Complete Green, and, unlike other products, doesn’t require a phone call to discuss the size of your program or special pricing arrangements because it’s always 100% free with each resident’s MKSAP subscription, regardless of program size. Designed based on residency programs’ hands-on testing experience and detailed feedback, we’ve built the Tracker based on real educators’ input from programs of various sizes with a myriad of learning requirements. In creating the Tracker, we’ve done the upfront work, so that residency programs can begin reaping the rewards of built-in MKSAP 19 tracking right “out of the box.”

Flexibility and Convenience

In addition, ACP allows program staff (e.g., coordinators, administrators, directors, chief residents) to set up groups or participate in other tracking activities and view question previews, even without a MKSAP 19 account.

Programs can also use MKSAP 19 Tracker to inform their assessments of each resident’s progress toward ACGME Milestones in Medical Knowledge and in Practice-Based Learning and Improvement.

And with the ability to export MKSAP 19 Residency Tracker data to Excel or .CSV files, programs can customize reports, maintain longitudinal data, or combine data from MKSAP 18 and MKSAP 19 to meet critical documentation needs.

Sign-up is simple, and ACP Member and Product Support staff are available to answer any questions along the way.

MKSAP 19 Residency Program Tracker Features

MKSAP 19 Tracker ReportsHere are a few ways to maximize MKSAP 19’s educational value through the Residency Program Tracker:

  • Create customized question assignments based on MKSAP 19 subspecialty topic or area requiring improvement as demonstrated through MKSAP 19 self-assessment question scores
  • Measure learning improvement by creating pre-intervention and post-intervention question assignments
  • Use your program’s IM-ITE scores to correlate potential areas of learning need and create assignments accordingly
  • Review residents’ responses to individual questions to identify incorrectly selected distractors and address potentially confusing points
  • Review aggregate data to identify areas for potential curricular adjustment
  • Export reports or print out page views for use as a source of documentation of the ACGME Milestones Knowledge Competency
  • Identify poorly performing questions and “dissect the question” during noon conferences

User Roles

Two types of user roles are available within the MKSAP 19 Tracker:


Multiple individuals from your institution, such as educators or administrators (e.g., program director, assistant program director, chief resident, other faculty, program administrator/coordinator), may serve in the “monitor/administrator” role.

A MKSAP 19 Digital, Complete, or Complete Green account is NOT required to participate as a monitor/administrator in the MKSAP 19 Residency Program Tracker.

Tasks: Monitors/Administrators can create groups, invite residents to participate, make assignments, view question content, and view and export reports.

Content Access: Monitors/Administrators without MKSAP 19 subscriptions will have access to individual and aggregate resident self-assessment performance data and multiple-choice question preview data, including the educational objective lead-in, options, correct answer, peer statistics, critique, and citation, for each of MKSAP’s 1200 self-assessment questions but not the question’s clinical scenario, syllabus content, or any other MKSAP 19 Digital feature.


Residents who are subscribers to MKSAP 19 Digital, Complete, or Complete Green can participate in the MKSAP 19 Residency Program Tracker.

Residents within participating institutions will receive an invitation from monitors/administrators after sign-up and once the program’s Tracker account is established. By consenting to participate, residents will give monitors/administrators permission to view their progress in completing assignments or answering MKSAP 18 questions on their own. Residents who consent to participate will receive assignment notifications from their program’s monitors/administrators on their MKSAP 19 Digital dashboard.

A Word on Account Sharing

Sharing of MKSAP 19 Digital usernames and passwords is strictly prohibited. MKSAP 19 Digital is designed for individual use as per the MKSAP 19 Digital End-User License Agreement. Residents who share their MKSAP 19 username and password with other residents nullify the validity of their scores reported through MKSAP 19 tracker because accounts that are shared no longer reflect an individual resident’s progress. We monitor access and use on accounts, and we will suspend access to the program for any account where we suspect account sharing.

Sharing of MKSAP 19 Tracker usernames and passwords with those who do not specifically have an ACP MKSAP 19 Tracker account is strictly prohibited. Sharing of MKSAP 19 Tracker usernames or passwords with those who do not have accounts jeopardizes the privacy of residents, whose MKSAP 19 performance status is contained within MKSAP 19 Tracker. MKSAP 19 Digital or Complete subscribers participating in MKSAP 19 Tracker will use their ACP username and password to access the tool. All individuals serving as monitors/administrators will be given unique usernames and passwords to access MKSAP 19 Tracker and do not need to share accounts.

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How to Participate with MKSAP 19 Tracker

MKSAP 19 Tracker Setup
  1. Identify the individuals from your program who will be serving as monitors/administrators. These individuals might be program directors, coordinators, administrators, or other types of educators or faculty. Here are a couple of important considerations:
    • A MKSAP 19 Digital account is not required for monitors/administrators.
    • Multiple people from your program may serve as monitor/administrator.
  2. Complete and submit the sign-up form, indicating the names and contact information for those you have identified as monitors/administrators. Do not sign up your residents! ACP will link your residents' MKSAP 19 Digital accounts with the Tracker behind the scenes.
  3. Ensure that all of the residents who will be monitored have a MKSAP 19 subscription.
  4. After you have signed up, ACP will send you instructions on how to access MKSAP 19 Tracker and invite your residents to participate beginning August 31, 2021 with the launch of MKSAP 19 Part A Digital. Please allow 3 business days for setting up accounts.

Using Tracker with Residents Subscribed to Both MKSAP 18 AND MKSAP 19

IMPORTANT: MKSAP 18 Tracker Data IS NOT Transferrable to the MKSAP 19 Residency Program Tracker

The MKSAP 18 Digital, including the MKSAP 18 Tracker, will remain available through February 2024* for institutions that have residents with MKSAP 18 Digital/Complete subscriptions. However, because MKSAP 18 and MKSAP 19 contain edition-specific user data associated with two sets of 1200 unique questions per edition, MKSAP user data, including Tracker data, cannot be transferred from MKSAP 18 to MKSAP 19. Programs purchasing MKSAP 19 for their residents will need to sign up now to start a MKSAP 19 Tracker account for monitoring residents with MKSAP 19 Digital, Complete, or Complete Green subscriptions.

Data for residents with MKSAP 18 and MKSAP 19 can be exported through the Export Data feature in MKSAP 18 and 19 as Excel or .CSV files and data can be combined from both applications.

*Although the MKSAP 18 Digital platform will be available through February 2024 to accommodate CME/MOC expiration dates for the MKSAP 18 Extension Questions, the last content update for MKSAP 18 will be March 2021; consequently, residency programs should consider this time frame when using MKSAP 18 past 2021 for purposes of board prep or maintaining knowledge. MKSAP 19 is recommended for residents who will use MKSAP to study for their boards in 2022, 2023, and 2024. Residents whose boards are in 2025 should purchase MKSAP 20.