Maintain Your Certification with Help from ACP’s Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program® (MKSAP®)

Learn about the great ways MKSAP® 19 can help you get ready for ABIM’s MOC Assessment Options.

Diplomates now have two Maintenance of Certification (MOC) assessment options: 

  1. The new Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA)
  2. The traditional 10-year MOC Examination

Option 1: ABIM’s New Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA)

Beginning January 2022, the ABIM will offer the LKA, an assessment option in which diplomates will receive batches of questions quarterly each year throughout a 5-year cycle, with regular performance feedback as they progress. The examination content covers the breadth of the internal medicine discipline, allows 4 minutes to answer each question, and is open book. For more information about the LKA, visit the ABIM website’s Assessment Options/LKA page.

MKSAP 19 helps you identify gaps, create learning plans, implement a study approach, and review your progress. This “full-cycle,” continuous learning approach is conducive to completing the LKA. MKSAP 19 prepares you in advance of the LKA, serves as a trusted reference while answering LKA questions, and helps after your LKA by allowing you to build on your knowledge in specific areas while earning CME/MOC points.

Here’s how:

Before answering a LKA question on a random topic:

  • Access the new MKSAP 19 Board Exam Topic Guide to review commonly tested topics. This guide will inform you on the testing frequency and importance of specific topics in the ABIM exam blueprint with direct links to related content within MKSAP.
  • Gauge your knowledge with MKSAP’s traditional learning questions, or by taking a custom quiz selecting randomized topics.
  • Practice answering traditional questions or try the new board prep–focused MKSAP 19 Quick Qs.
  • Simulate the testing parameters of the LKA experience by creating a timed custom quiz in Exam Mode.
  • Build your own Personalized Learning Plan that targets areas for more in-depth review.
  • Earn CME/MOC points one question at a time with the new Earn-As-You-Go CME feature.

While answering a LKA question:

  • Use the new Board Exam Topic Guide feature to efficiently find reference content for that topic within the MKSAP19 syllabus.

After answering a LKA question:

  • The MKSAP19 Board Exam Topic Guide will help you zero in on syllabus content that can reinforce and expand your understanding of the tested topic, and understand the types of questions that might be asked again about that topic.
  • Add topics to your Personal Learning Plan to track for further study, and view suggested additional resources available for further review.
  • Create custom quizzes around selected topics.
  • Earn CME/MOC points by answering additional questions reinforcing the topic.

Option 2: Traditional 10-Year MOC Exam

The ABIM will continue to offer the traditional, point-in-time, 10-year MOC exam that is administered in test centers with in-person proctoring. The examination content covers the breadth of the internal medicine discipline, is approximately 10 hours in length, open book, and available once to twice per year. For more information on the 10-year MOC exam, visit the ABIM website’s Assessment Options/Traditional 10-Year Exam page.

MKSAP 19 has proven success for those choosing the ABIM’s 10-year MOC Exam

You can use all the features and capabilities in MKSAP 19 to stay current in internal medicine and be thoroughly prepared for success on the 10-year Board exam. MKSAP 19 provides myriad ways to practice and personalize your study strategy.

Here’s some tips to help planning ahead and preparing for the 10-year MOC Exam option:

  • Develop a long-term study schedule that fits your individual needs. Start with your exam date and work backwards to give yourself plenty of time to work at your own pace.
  • Use the Board Exam Topic Guide to find specific topics aligned with the ABIM exam blueprint.
  • Take a Practice Test mapped to the ABIM blueprint that mimics the length and number of minutes per question for one traditional 10-year MOC exam session. Complete four practice exams to simulate the complete exam experience.
  • Create a focused study route with new MKSAP 19 Learning Plan to target topics you believe will require additional learning reinforcement. With the Learning Plan, it's easy to access targeted topics within MKSAP 19 and on the ACP Online Learning Center.
  • Create unlimited custom quizzes. Choose Exam Mode to simulate the Board experience. Use the digital timer and see how you did after the quiz is completed. 
  • Use MKSAP 19’s new board prep–focused MKSAP Quick Qs for efficient study, convenient to your busy schedule.
  • Follow up with a randomized custom quiz using incorrectly answered self-assessment questions to re-test yourself with challenging concepts. Create serial custom quizzes over time to track your longitudinal progress
  • Read MKSAP 19’s subspecialty text sections. Highlight important concepts and capture your notes and reflections using the Notes feature.
  • Copy Key Points into your notes for a concise, bulleted study sheet.
  • Click on Related Questions to reinforce learning.
  • Complete each section’s related self-assessment questions and view your answer sheet/progress meters to identify learning strengths and weaknesses.
  • Refer to the Board Basics digest as you get closer to the exam.

P.S. Don’t forget to submit for CME and MOC as you progress through MKSAP 19!

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