I Raise the Rates: Community Champion Guide

Welcome to the I Raise the Rates Community Champion Guide! This guide will provide education and resources to help you implement interventions to promote adult immunizations in your community.


What is an Immunization Community Champion? As a clinician leader and immunization advocate, you can develop and lead a project to promote adult vaccine uptake in your community at your own pace. 

Your voice matters! As a clinician, you are among the most trusted messengers of health information. You are also an important member of the community, with many connections and opportunities to engage with members of the public. Whether you are a part of a neighborhood or community association, or a member of a book club, or involved in a faith-based organization, you are connected to your community in many ways. And each of these connections is an opportunity to educate your community about the importance of immunizations.  

ACP is Here to Help. This I Raise the Rates Community Champion Guide offers a range of educational resources. You will get access to a fillable toolkit to help you design your personal action plan to increase vaccinations in your community. The guide includes the following components:  

  • Targeting the Problem 
  • Identifying Your Community Engagement Opportunity 
  • Establishing Your Community Team 
  • Writing Your SMARTIE Statement 
  • Brainstorming and Prioritizing Your Activities 
  • Creating Your Evaluation Strategy  

I Raise the Rates Community Champion Toolkit

Quick Links: Helpful Resources from ACP’s Adult Immunization Hub 

You may find the following resources helpful as you implement your community action plan.

Resources for Clinicians: 

Resources for Patients: 

For more information: Visit the ACP Adult Immunization Resource Hub