2018 Archives

ACP Speaks out on Prescription Pricing Issues in Medicare Part D, ACP Priorities Take Center Stage at AMA House of Delegates Meeting
Medicare Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program Changes Elicit Mixed Review from ACP, Physicians Fight Back Against NRA Attack Over Firearms Safety
Medicare Postpones Changes in Pay for Patient Evaluation and Management Services; Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Expansion May See Benefits from Election Results; ACP Target of National Rifle Association over Policies on Firearms Safety; Primary Care Conference Focuses on Issues Important to ACP
ACP Calls for Sweeping Changes to Curb Firearm Violence; ACP Objects to Proposed Changes to ACO Regulations; Expanding Medicaid Seems to Benefit More Than Recipients
ACP Fights Back Against Expansion of Short-Term Insurance Options; ACP Vows to 'Do What It Takes' to Protect Immigrants' Access to Health Care; New Survey Says from Doctors' Perspective, Regulatory Burdens are Increasing
Congress and President Sign Off on Funding for Major Health Care Programs; Congress Takes Steps to Curb Opioid Epidemic; ACP Suggests Way to Ramp Up Development of New Payment Models
ACP Objects to CMS Plan to Flatten Pay for Patient Evaluation and Management Services; Transitional Management Codes Linked to Better Outcomes, Lower Costs; ACP Takes Action Against Latest Court Challenge to Affordable Care Act
ACP Applauds Government Plan to Equalize Billing Practices; New Survey Pinpoints Gender Pay Gap in Internal Medicine; New Report Shows Focus on Primary Care Puts ACOs on the Path to Success
Proposed Changes to Medicare Regulations Met With Mixed Reviews; Physician Groups Join Forces to Become Stronger Voice for Health Care Needs
Meeting with CMS Highlights Need to Reduce Administrative Burdens, ACP Calls Attention to Harm Caused by Separation and Detention of Immigrant Families, ACP Efforts Gain Traction at AMA Annual Meeting
ACP leads the charge to fix delay in medical student visas, Dr. Jason M. Goldman wins ACP Advocacy Award
Leadership Day draws hundreds and a call for action; ACP focuses on improved health policies for women, ACP warns of harm from Title X program proposal
ACP gets to know new Innovation Center Director at CMS; Concern over modification to new budget pact; new report finds higher cost of health care in U.S.
ACP report calls for revisions to performance measurement; CMS steps up efforts to put patients over paperwork; ACP offers input to opioid effort in Congress
College issues new policy papers on gender equity, social determinants of health; ACP expresses concerns over new ACA regulations; An update on the Physician Well-Boeing and Professional Satisfaction Initiative.
ACP assesses details of new budget passed by Congress; Robert McLean, MD, FACP represents College at House Ways and Means subcommittee Red Tape Relief initiative.
A look at ACP's recommendations to combat the opioid crisis; ACP staff leadership gives remarks at health IT conference; A deep dive into the ACP policymaking process.
ACP launches state Medicaid waiver campaign; Trump administration announces change in regulations for short-term insurance plans; College doubles down in call for action on gun violence following Parkland, Florida shooting.
ACP advocacy leads to administrative relief in medical student entering of EHR data; Congress passes budget including many of ACP's
policy priorities; New advocacy group United States of Care launches with ACP support
College seeks administrative burden anecdotes for Patients Before Paperwork; A look into new HHS Conscience and Religious Freedom division; ACP reacts to new National Academies report on e-cigarettes.
Update on government shutdown and DACA efforts; A year in review of ACP's 2017 advocacy efforts; CMS issues guidance allowing for Medicaid work requirement waivers
An update on congressional action on health care issues; ACP issues a new policy statement on compensation equity and transparency; A recap of the most recent AMA meeting