September 21, 2018

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ACP Objects to CMS Plan to Flatten Pay for Patient Evaluation and Management Services

Proposal to reduce documentation should move forward without payment changes, College maintains

Advocacy Wins

Transitional Management Codes Linked to Better Outcomes, Lower Costs

ACP urges more members to start using these codes for Medicare patients

Advocacy in Action

ACP Takes Action Against Latest Court Challenge to Affordable Care Act

Lawsuit would wreak havoc on health care, College maintains

Quick Hits

Annals of Internal Medicine Establishes Opioid Misuse Collection

Opioid misuse and related mortality has reached epidemic levels in the United States. Well-informed clinicians are a critical component in the battle against this epidemic. The Annals of Internal Medicine publishes a variety of articles related to the topic of opioid misuse. This collection highlights the top picks of the editors for these important articles.

Register Now for the Patient Center Primary Care Collaborative Annual Meeting

The PCPCC annual meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. on November 8. The PCPCC's efforts are designed to move the country towards person-centered, team-based, and community-aligned primary care that will improve health outcomes, increase quality care, and lower costs. To register, click here.


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