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Chapter Awards

The Chapter is pleased to honor the following chapter award recipients for their dedication, demonstration of excellence, and support of the chapter and the science and humanity of medicine. The physicians honored with these awards have rendered distinguished service to the chapter and community and upheld the high ideals and professional standards for which the College is known.

Laureate Award

2014 Allen Adolphe, MD, FACP
2013 George D. Comerci, MD, FACP
2012 Michael H. Kaufman, MD, FACP
2011 Diana D. Noya, MD, FACP
2010 Jonathan V. Iralu, MD, FACP
2009 Sanjeev Arora, MBBS, FACP
2008 Ann Gateley, FACP
2007 Richard H. Rubin, FACP
2006 Arthur D. Bankhurst, FACP
2006 Edward M. Lewiecki, Jr., FACP
2005 Ralph C. Williams, Jr., FACP
2004 Howard K. Gogel, FACP
2004 Barbara J. McGuire, FACP, MMM
2003 Antonios H. Tzamaloukas, FACP
2003 Fredrica E. Smith, FACP
2002 Jonathan Abrams, FACP
2002 Paul J. Kovnat, FACP
2001 Diane J. Klepper, FACP
2001 John H. Saiki, FACP
2000 Robert G. Strickland, FACP
1999 William P. Reed, FACP
1998 Donald A. Romig, FACP
1997 Richard W. Honsinger, Jr., MACP
1996 Kenneth D. Gardner, Jr., FACP
1995 John D. Abrums, FACP
1994 Richard D. Lueker, FACP
1993 R. Philip Eaton, MACP
1992 Bruce D. Tempest, MACP
1991 Darwin L. Palmer, FACP
1990 Heinz R. Landman, FACP
1989 Martin J. Conway, FACP
1988 Ralph D. Parks, FACP
1987 Ulton G. Hodgin, MACP
1986 Fred H. Hanold, MACP
1985 Robert Friedman, Sr., FACP
1984 Thomas L. Carr, FACP

Volunteerism and Community Service Award

2014 Maricruz Merino, MD, FACP
2013 Cynthia Arndell, MD, FACP
2012 Larry D. Crook, MD, FACP
2009 Mark F. Bevan, MD

Excellence in Teaching Award

2014 Kendall Rogers, MD, FACP
2013 Richard Hoffman, MD, FACP
2012 George D. Comerci, MD, FACP

2014 Volunteerism and Teaching Awards Brochure

Page updated: 11/08/14