Puerto Rico Governor's Newsletter September 2020

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Myriam Z. Allende-Vigo, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Myriam Z. Allende-Vigo, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Governor's Message

The situation seems endless, but it will not last forever. Due to the COVID situation activities have paused, as we are preparing for a rebirth. For the past few months, the focus has been on survival skills, trying to spread out information on ways and means of continuing the good practice of medicine while maintaining our physical, emotional and financial well-being. So, it may seem the chapter is dormant, but it is not. Our annual poster and oral competition are coming next month. Fifty posters have been selected amongst the submissions. Also, ten oral presentations will compete on October 31, 2020. An MOC activity in Gastroenterology for primary care physicians will take place that very same day. So, slowly but surely, things will get back to normal, the new normal.



Recent Chapter Activities

Wellness Activities

The Wellness in Challenging Times Zoom webinar took place on May 16, 2020. During this hour participants benefited from the outstanding conference Evidence-Based Happiness offered by Dr. Nilda Valentin and an excellent meditation presented by the Psycho-music therapist Mr. Enrique Cárdenas.

The wellness Zoom Webinar “Resilience and Well-being to Create the Culture of the New Normal” took place on Saturday September 12, 2020. During this virtual event, Dr. Manuel Ángel (Coco) Morales, Chairman of Intelligence Forecasting, Professor, Author and Consultant in the area of Organizational and Conduct Sciences shared the new literacies of emotional intelligence, resilience and well-being for leaders and professionals. Also, Dr. Morales discussed the components of the new culture in the new normal and its implications for health professionals.

Both webinars were chaired by our wellness champion, Dr. Melba Feliciano, and received commendations from the attendees.

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Program

As part of our Grand Round Series, on September 9, 2020 the ACP Puerto Rico Chapter held a virtual Grand Round for the San Juan Municipal Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program. The Chapter's Governor, Dr. Myriam Allende was the keynote speaker, with the presentation Evaluation and Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Times of COVID. The focus of the presentation was to discuss current diagnosis, evaluation and management of a highly prevalent condition in Puerto Rico, Diabetes Mellitus. Most of the patients are not affected by COVID, it was an update in management given all the therapeutic alternatives at present. We were pleased to have the participation of over 50 attendees including Internal Medicine residents, and numerous faculty members.



Save the Date

The Clinical Vignettes and Research Competition is scheduled for October 31, 2020. This year we will have a virtual event that includes the educational program Practical Gastroenterology for the Internist, the Clinical Vignettes Oral Presentations Competition and the awards ceremony for the clinical vignettes oral and poster presentations. Over 160 clinical vignettes where submitted. Fifty abstracts were selected for poster presentation and 10 abstracts were selected for oral presentation.



Wellness Corner

Wellness and Resilience are key elements for a healthy integration in times of Transition to our new reality. We endure frequent challenges and have to deal with ideas on how to balance family/work in the home environment; with overload of information in our jobs, and how to manage never ending days full of responsibilities from our headquarters at home.

There are many articles and seminars as part of the overload of information, which offer good ideas, but we must be selective and go to basics:

  • It is important to sleep and eat properly in order to have energy for the new day.
  • Connect upon awakening with our purpose for the day with realistic goals.
  • It is wise to evaluate every day: Were our goals for the day accomplished? What are we thankful for? Which was the best moment of the day?
  • It is essential to express gratitude, to keep our purpose and our energy alive to keep going and feel better.
  • Lets' share some the best moments of our days, moments which give peace and happiness. What makes you happy? Share with us a picture of a special moment in your day which evokes a feeling of JOY! You can send your picture to rinavega@rivsmarketing.com.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

Mahatma Gandhi



Looking For Champions

We are looking for you, the physician committed and taking care of affected patients during this pandemic. Let us know how ACP can help you to fullfill your work. ACP has many resources you can find here, or you can contact us by calling Rina Vega or sending an e-mail to rinavega@rivsmarketing.com.



Get Involved

  • Get involved with ACP activities and participate in our mission for education and service in Internal Medicine.
  • Your attendance will contribute to the success of our activity and of our ACP Puerto Rico Chapter!
  • ACP Members are encouraged to review the requirements for advancement to Fellowship of the American College of Physicians. Do not hesitate to contact us for information at rinavega@rivsmarketing.com.


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Editorial Committee:

Dr. Myriam Allende, FACE, FACP, MBA
Dr. Melba Feliciano, FACE, FACP
Mrs. Rina Vega