Puerto Rico Governor's Newsletter December 2022

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Edwin A. Alicea, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Edwin A. Alicea, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Governor's Message

What a great year!

There have been many achievements and satisfactions during 2022 meetings and activities. The support obtained from medical students, residents, and program directors has been the engine to keep the chapter strong and growing. The activities have been a complete success in terms of the participation of members and goals. There was unprecedented assistance from internal medicine residents in the Clinical Vignette activity, with over 200 residents and internal medicine physicians participating. I want to thank the Program Directors of the Internal Medicine Residencies of Puerto Rico for encouraging the residents to present many interesting cases and clinical research studies. Also, to the physicians that served as judges, their time was priceless.

On behalf of the council members and myself, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish a next year of continued success for our local chapter of the American College of Physicians.



Recent Chapter Activities

Internal Medicine Residency Showcase for Medical Students

The 2022 IM Residency Showcase, organized by the Internal Medicine Interest Groups of the four medical schools on the Island, took place on September 15 and October 17, 2022. Over 180 medical students participated in this virtual event. Dr. Edwin Alicea contributed as a guest speaker presenting ACP benefits for medical students and IM residents. All eight IM Residency Programs from Puerto Rico participated in the event. As in previous occasions, all residencies presented their unique characteristics so that students could match and choose the best fit for them.

And the winners are …

The educational program Updates in Women's Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Failure Management, and Approach to Evaluation of Chest Pain, 2022 Clinical Vignettes Competition & 2022 Doctor's Dilemma® took place at the La Concha Renaissance Hotel. This year's event included an outstanding 3 CME credits/MOC points program on cardiovascular diseases featuring Dr. Karen Rodríguez with Cardiovascular Women's Health, Dr. Francisco Merced with an Update in Heart Failure Management, and Dr. Marcel presenting Approach to Chest Pain.

Concurrently we held the 2022 Clinical Vignettes and Research Competition. This year we had a record of 105 abstracts accepted, divided into 10 oral presentations, 76 clinical vignette posters, and 19 research posters. The 2022 Abstract Book is available on our Chapter Website for your reference. Special thanks to Dr. Hilton Franqui, chair of the Scientific Committee, the Puerto Rico Chapter Scientific committee members, and the judges for their contribution to the success of this event.


Puerto Rico Chapter Council Members (Frances Connor, Dr. Katira Andino, Dr. José Acevedo, Dr. Melba Feliciano, Dr. Myriam Allende, Dr. Edwin Alicea, Dr. Hilton Franqui, Dr. Milliete Alvarado, Dr. Nicole Rassi, Dr. Alex González, Dr. Carlos Cortes)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Research Poster Presentation

1st Place: Camila Luis Gronau (Ponce School of Medicine), Altered DNA methylation dynamics in therapy-resistant prostate cancer cells

Clinical Vignettes Poster Presentation

1st Place: Dr. Deborah Santos Sierra (Hospital La Concepcion), Meningitis as an Initial Presentation of Leptospirosis

2nd Place: Dr. Jeandelize Soto Rosa (Mayaguez Medical Center), Dermatomyositis as Paraneoplastic Manifestation of Tonsillar Squamous Cell Carcinoma

3rd Place: Dr. Lorenzo Jr O Roman (University District Hospital), Mandibular Aggressive Angiomyxoma, Extremely Rare Entity

Oral Clinical Vignettes Presentations

1st Place: Dr. Sharolyn Velazquez (San Juan VA Hospital), Congenital Hypofibrinogenemia: A Risk Factor for Thrombosis

2nd Place: Dr. Maria Diaz Pares (Hospital Universitario Ramón Ruiz Arnau), Small Vessel Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis and Inhaled Heroin Abuse Relationship

3rd Place: Dr. Sherley Rosa (San Juan City Hospital), A Challenging Case of Refractory Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis


Dr. Deborah Santos and Dr. Edwin Alicea


Dr. Jeandelize Soto Rosa and Dr. Edwin Alicea


Dr. Lorenzo Roman and Dr. Edwin Alicea


Dr. Sharolyn Velazquez and Dr. Edwin Alicea


Dr. Maria G Diaz Pares and Dr. Edwin Alicea


Dr. Sherley Rosa and Dr. Edwin Alicea

2022 Doctor's Dilemma® Competition Winners: Hospital La Concepcion Residency Program Team; Dr. Angel Castro (R3), Dr. Ilia Velez (R2), and Dr. Luis Suarez (R1).


Dr. Edwin Alicea, Dr. Angel Castro, Dr. Ilia Velez, and Dr. Luis Suarez



Wellness Corner

The Christmas season is a very special time of the year. A time for sharing with family, and friends, a time for joy, dreams, and plans, and a time for a life review. Through 2022, we have shared in our Wellness Corner tips to survive the stress of the challenges of professional and personal transitions, avoiding overthinking and anxiety related to the “gray zone” of the transitions in a new cycle. A new year is coming with new opportunities, and change as a paradoxical constant. As part of our preparation for the new year, a review of our 2022 challenges and tools is important to recognize our positive habits and coping tools, and to add new practices for joy, satisfaction, peace, and to strengthen our immune system with decreased activation of the fight or flight reactions.

Simple and practical ideas for the New Year 2023:

  • Develop a personal plan for the year through a life review in the areas of family and love relations, self-care, health and fitness, career, spirituality, friendships, and finances, to increase happiness and productivity.
  • Organize your weekly professional and personal agenda on Sundays.
  • Organize your home or office environment to promote calm and also productivity.
  • Plan and create a Wellness area in your home or work scenario.
  • Practice the Stop, breathe for 8-10 seconds, Think, Observe and Proceed technique in difficult situations. (STOP)
  • Visualize yourself calm, practice self-compassion, and control overthinking.
  • Spend time in nature as frequently as possible.
  • Exercise, walk with friends, and with ACP colleagues.

Collaborate with our ACP Wellness Team with ideas, and participate in wellness activities.

What brings you Joy?

Find joy, peace, and happiness every day!! Best Wishes for the New Year!

Melba Feliciano MD, FACP, FACE



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2023 Internal Medicine Meeting – April 27-27, 2023, in San Diego California

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