Minnesota Governor's Newsletter August 2020

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David R Hilden, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

David R Hilden, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Governor's Letter


Dear Minnesota friends,

What did we do, at this moment, to tip the balance away from fear and toward love?” – Dr. Vivek Murthy.

I have been privileged to hear Dr. Vivek Murthy speak on two occasions at ACP events. On May 15, 2019, he spoke at ACP Leadership Day in Washington DC. It was during that speech that Dr. Murthy said the words above. I scribbled them down and they are on a discolored piece of paper on my desk to this day. His words from just one year ago (which really feels like a lifetime ago) resonate with me still.

The first time I heard Dr. Murthy was just one month earlier in April 2019 at our national ACP Internal Medicine Meeting in Philadelphia. He was the keynote speaker and his topic was, of all things, loneliness. Since then, I have been reading his book, called Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World.

During these tough times, Dr. Murthy's insights into loneliness also resonate with me. I struggle with how to stay connected with my friends and family as well as my professional colleagues and even my patients, what with the gown and mask and face shield and virtual visits and no-touching and all. It's sometimes hard to keep an upbeat outlook when a nasty pandemic forces us to be disconnected.

Maybe you are feeling something similar.

So as your ACP Governor, I want to offer a partial antidote to disconnection and loneliness. Minnesota ACP is as active as ever as you will find in this newsletter. Here's a few highlights:

  • Your chapter continues to be a strong voice for justice and health equity. If you do just one thing now, I hope you will take a minute to read our chapter statement “On Becoming an Anti-Racism Organization” via the link below. Join us as we walk together toward racial justice!
  • We continue to advocate for public health measures particularly around Covid-19 and racism. Minnesota ACP letters carry some influence for elected officials and we continue to take strong positions that are consistent with evidence-based guidelines and ACP national policy. Our chapter letters and statements are reaching our elected officials and making an impact. (I have been told as much by some Minnesota elected officials!)
  • Our commitment to education remains strong even if it must have a more virtual look in 2020. Although we sadly are not able to hold an in-person Chapter Meeting in November, we will provide the high quality educational experience that Minnesota chapter has become known for.
  • Our first bar trivia style event was a huge success (thanks to Drs. Chris Aakre and Michael Mueller from Mayo!). Don't miss the next event. It was a blast! But what was with all the Rheumatology questions . . . brought me back to the heartbreak of USMLE on Rheum topics!
  • Our Resident and Fellow Council is active and vibrant. I hope a whole bunch of us will join the Brave Like Gabe event on September 6. It is a 5K race (that you will do individually) followed by a virtual post-race happy hour. Registration below. C'mon, you need to lose the “Covid 19 (pounds)” anyway so get running!
  • Dr. Deepti Pandita is a treasure when it comes to Health Informatics and we are lucky she leads our work. Telemedicine on your mind? We gotcha covered!
  • New fellows, early career physicians, awards, media appearances by our Members including the incredible Dr. Ramy Abdelfattah doing it right up in Bemidji. The list of cool ways to stay connected goes on and on at Minnesota ACP.

I'll leave you with this from Dr. Murthy-

“We have the opportunity to use this moment to re-center our lives on people. And if we do that, then I believe we can come out of this pandemic more connected, more fulfilled and more resilient than before the pandemic began.” NPR interview, 5-20


Minnesota ACP helps us over and over to re-center on what is important: our patients and our colleagues and health equity in our communities. Join us!


David R. Hilden, MD MPH FACP

Governor, Minnesota ACP


MN-ACP Mission: To foster excellence, education and professionalism among all internists in our community and to work together to shape the future of healthcare in Minnesota.

MN-ACP Vision: To be Minnesota's recognized leader for patient care, advocacy and education and to enhance career choice, satisfaction and collaboration for specialists and subspecialists in Internal Medicine

Visit us online: mnchapter.acponline.org  MN-ACP LinkedIn Twitter: @mn_acp



MN-ACP to hold virtual Scientific Session on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020

Recognizing that we are unable to hold a face-to-face meeting in 2020, the MN-ACP Council and Planning Committee recommended canceling the two day in person event in November and doing a shortened Saturday education session with zoom education meetings and a virtual abstract competition. There will be no charge to participate for members and CME/MOC will be offered. Watch for details with registration opening in September. Please tell us your preferred start time and if you can be a judge for this virtual CME/MOC meeting and abstract competition.

Nominate a colleague for the 2020 MN-ACP Laureate Award or the 2020 Community Service award

Do you have a mentor, colleague, or peer deserving recognition?

The MN-ACP Awards Committee would like your assistance in recognizing our chapter members that have made outstanding contributions in the practice of medicine, research, public service, leadership, and medical volunteerism. The recipients will be honored during the MN-ACP Internal Medicine meeting on Nov. 7, 2020. Please email Minnesota.acp@gmail.com a brief summary of your nominations by Sept. 1st

  • Laureate Award-The Laureate Award is designed to honor those Fellows and Masters of the College who have demonstrated, by their example and conduct, an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, and research, and service to their community, their chapter, and the ACP. Past Award Recipients
  • Volunteerism & Community Service Award- The award is given to an individual who has distinguished themselves in voluntary service in the area of medicine. Recipients of this award have distinguished themselves as true humanitarians to be honored for their voluntary contributions in medicine in Minnesota or global health. Past Award Recipients



Racism as a Public Health Issue




Mask- Up Minnesota

MN-ACP joined seventeen other medical organizations in Minnesota with a strong letter to Governor Walz to support a mandatory, statewide mask policy. This executive order took effect July 25, 2020. MN-ACP has received donations of cloth masks made by volunteers that can be sent to any requesting member. Email




COVID-19 Resources



Connect with Your Peers to Learn Telemedicine Best Practices

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has created a virtual peer-to-peer learning community called Telemedicine Hack, a 10-week initiative designed to accelerate telemedicine implementation by ambulatory providers. Telemedicine Hack sessions are free and take place weekly on Wednesdays through Sept 23, 2020, from 11:00-noon. Learn MoreRegister



MKSAP Online Study Hall is Returning August 18, 2020!

The Northern Illinois chapter of ACP invites MN-ACP members to join the MKSAP online study hall which returns after a break. The first topic will be infectious disease.

Sign up to learn with us! Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM!



MN-ACP Council Updates


Your Governor's Council will be met virtually on May 9th. The MN-ACP Council meets twice per year and has six standing work groups including:

  • Scientific Session Planning Committee
  • Health Policy Committee
  • Early Career Physicians Committee
  • Hospitalists Committee
  • Health Information Technology Committee
  • Council of Residents

Watch for the MN-ACP Council election ballot coming in August. If you are interested in receiving information about any of these committees, please contact Minnesota.ACP@gmail.com for more information.

Advanced Career Physicians

Senior and retired internists met virtually for the May 7th gathering to welcome back snowbirds and everyone “safe at home.” A brief presentation on “Germs: Intimate friends and Mortal Enemies” with Dr. Phil Peterson and updates from those attending were provided via a zoom videoconference.

MN-ACP Council of Resident/Fellow Members

Internal Medicine Residents from five programs in Minnesota are volunteering to raise funds for the Brave Like Gabe Foundation in 2020 by completing a virtual 5K race to support research on rare cancers...and a friendly competition among the IM training programs. You can join them in their virtual race or by making a contribution to the MN-ACP Foundation and selecting a favorite IM residency training program to support in the race. When making a contribution, under the designation tab, please scroll down and designate the internal medicine residency program you are affiliated with from the list under “designate”. Your contributions to the MN-ACP Foundation will then be made to the Brave Like Gabe Foundation.

Gabriele “Gabe” Grunewald (née Anderson) was a professional American middle-distance runner and lifelong Minnesotan, born and raised in Perham, MN. Gabriele survived multiple bouts with cancer. Initially diagnosed with a rare salivary gland cancer, adenoid cystic carcinoma, in 2009, and thyroid cancer in 2010. Throughout her cancer journey, Gabriele continued to compete and run professionally. After living for 10 years with adenoid cystic carcinoma, Gabriele passed away on June 11, 2019 at her home in Minneapolis surrounded by family and friends. Her story and legacy continue with the Brave Like Gabe Foundation that inspires others to share their own struggles while also helping to find better more effective treatments for rare cancer. Gabriele was married to Dr. Justin Grunewald, an internist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.


Thirteen Resident/Fellow members from each Minnesota training program collaborate through regular calls and social media to support resident/fellows. Thank you to Dr. Courtney Harris (Mayo) who has been chair of this active group. Welcome to Leah Mische, MD (Mayo) who will be chairing the Council in 2020-2021. A meeting was held on July 27th with updates from all programs and plans for the chapter volunteer project of supporting the Brave Like Gabe 5K event scheduled to Sept. 6, 2020. Thank you to the following MN-ACP CRFM members: Beth Davis, MD (UMN); Allison Levy, MD (Abbott); Jorge Reyes Castro, MD (HCMC); Solomon Amare, MD (UMN); Nadia Akhiyat, MD (Mayo); Emily Westergard, MD (Abbott); Kevin O’Donnell, MD (Abbott); Grace Braimoh, MD (HCMC); Diana Zychowski, MD (UMN)

Early Career Physicians Committee

Hope you can join us at our next event on October 14, 2020 at Kieran's with Jacob Meyer, PhD from Iowa State on Endocannabinoids, exercise and depression: Using the runners high to treat depression. ACP's official definition of an “early career physician” is a physician who has graduated from medical school within the last 16 years AND who is not currently in residency or subspecialty fellowship training Any questions or suggestions, please contact the Early Career Physicians Chairwoman, Amy Holbrook, MD at amy.k.holbrook@gmail.com .


MN-ACP member donations of products/masks for patients served by clinics closed by June riots.

Health and Public Policy Update August, 2020

Sally Berryman, MD, FACP

MN-ACP Health Policy

The MN-ACP Health and Public Policy Committee has been meeting virtually over the summer—as has the MN legislature. Committee members contributed information to legislators and the governor for the MN mask mandate, racism as a public health crisis, and telemedicine extensions. Copies of past advocacy updates are on the MN-ACP advocacy web page.

Physicians are not reliable voters according to a recent study. “When accounting for factors such as level of education and income, voter turnout was approximately 20 percentage points lower for physicians than lawyers and approximately 10 percentage points lower than the general population.

Please VOTE!

Statewide Tobacco 21 went into effect on Aug. 1st—this was an MN-ACP Policy priority.

This law will ensure statewide implementation, compliance, and enforcement of a commercial tobacco sale age of 21 years old. The state law strengthens a national Tobacco 21 law that went into effect December 2019 by allowing local governments to do compliance checks and ensure the law is being followed. The law will improve health by reducing smoking and vaping. Almost 95% of adults who smoke started before they were 21. Read More from MDH.

Quit Partner, Minnesota's new family of programs from the Minnesota Department of Health, offers free support – like coaching and quit medications – for quitting commercial tobacco. Quitting tobacco is difficult, but using coaching and quit medication together can more than double a person's chance of success.

Our ACP Chapter will continue to promote legislation to improve public health. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in our MN-ACP Health and Public Policy Committee.

Please feel free to contact me at berry022@umn.edu with any questions or to join the Policy Committee.

Sally Berryman, MD, FACP

Medical Informatics committee

Deepti Pandita, MBBS, FACP

MN-ACP Medical Informatics Committee chairperson and Ryan Jelinek DO on behalf of the MN-ACP Medical Informatics Committee



Telemedicine Reflections by Ryan Jelinek DO

It was the first day of the internal medicine residency telemedicine pilot. We had successfully connected with our patient, which alleviated most of my concern for getting this off the ground. From there, I introduced myself as staff and allowed the resident I was working with to introduce herself. This was the first-time utilizing telemedicine for both the patient and the resident so, I offered to turn off my camera, mute my microphone and observe the encounter for technical support. For the next 25 minutes, my desire to advocate for and work towards education of telemedicine for our learners grew immensely.

The highlight of this visit came when the patient started expressing concern over some pain in his hands. She did a terrific job going through the appropriate questions getting at a possible inflammatory arthritis versus OA. During the history gathering the patient mentioned that he had been doing quite a bit of wood working during the pandemic. The visit went on for some time and when prompted by the resident, I turned my camera back on to play more of a staff role akin to a classic clinic encounter. The first thing I asked the patient is whether we might be able to see any of his carvings. He was delighted! He got up out of his chair, which led the resident to observe the antalgic gait the patient had from a previously unreported diagnosis of OA in the hips and knees. Observing him as he returned was reassuring as he wasn't overly dyspneic after a walk around his house, as his cardiopulmonary health was a concern given his history of severe CAD. He then brought back some of the most amazing wood carvings either of us had ever seen. The immense detail of these carvings almost matched the joy the patient had in being able to share his craft with us. It led to a long conversation around his hand pain, his health, his feelings of isolation and stress around inability make money by selling his carvings. We all connected even though we were miles apart.

By the end of the encounter, I was able to demonstrate to the resident that she had performed a physical exam covering 9 systems and treated 2 acute and 4 chronic conditions. Both of us were impacted by the connection we made during this visit. She realized that telemedicine has the opportunity to provide meaningful connections with patients that are often made more meaningful by catching the patient in their own element. The instructor walked away realizing that these are crucial skills for today's residents to learn as they tackle the next generation of patient care. Residents need to be trained in the nuanced ability to provide high-quality virtual care as this will be an expectation of future employers. However, I would argue that more importantly, these skills afford the opportunity for the physician to connect to our patients in ways we previously weren't able to do.

ACP is primed to be in a position to foster this type of education and development for the next generation of doctors using the next generation of care delivery. Telemedicine will be a core tenant of medicine residencies in the coming years. While the ability to perform telemedicine has been around for many years, it has become a crucial tool in the Internist's tool box over the past 6 months. Highlighting the value and skills needed to perform quality medical encounters via this modality is an area where ACP can guide residency programs over the next decade.




Make your voice heard…your comments on ACP Resolutions needed by Sept. 3rd.

Eleven (11) resolutions will be heard at the Fall 2020 Virtual Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting. Your comments/support/opposition on any of these resolutions can be submitted online at the electronic response form by Thursday, September 3rd Resolutions include:

  • Advocating for visitation/support of hospitalized patients with intellectual/developmental disabilities during a pandemic F20-1
  • Safe operation of long term care facilities during healthcare emergencies F20-2
  • Hospital patient status F20-3
  • Advocating for mental health services under Medicare F20-4
  • Defining physician practice styles in ACP policy F20-5 (no vote)
  • Creating a Congressionally-mandated COVID Commission F20-6
  • Promoting standards for workplace violence prevention F20-7
  • Impact and advocacy for public service loan forgiveness F20-8
  • Issues of emerging COVID health disparities F20-9
  • Federal protections for doctors who administer vaccines F20-10
  • Preventing hardships for trainees in residency program closures F20-11
  • Supporting mental health of medical students F20-12
  • Updating ACP policy on ownership of patient medical records F20-13 (no vote)



Join us for Medicine Trivia on September 17th at 6:30pm

Over thirty internists from across Minnesota registered to participate in the inaugural Medicine Trivia event. Our Medicine Trivia- masters were Dr. Michael Mueller and Dr. Chris Aakre. Four teams comprised of internists from different parts of the state met in small zoom breakout groups to identify answers to medicine trivia and compete in a final session. It was great to connect and play trivia with internists relaxing on their patio, and other happy hour friendly locations. Join us for our next event Register to receive the login link and spend 60-90 minutes learning medicine topics in a new way.




Minnesota Members

Congratulations New Fellows!

Achieving ACP Fellowship is a mark of distinction and a milestone in a physician's career.

Please join me in congratulating the following as new Fellows named by ACP in the last 3 months:

  • Ahmad Hazem, MD, FACP, Duluth, MN
  • April Christensen, MD, FACP, Rochester, MN
  • Jayanth Adusumalli, MBBS, FACP, Rochester, MN
  • Kanika Khandelwal, MBBS, MD, FACP, Rochester, MN
  • Lauren Shaw, MD, FACP, Minneapolis, MN
  • Peter Ganzer, MD, FACP, Eagan, MN
  • Sanjay Kumar Mishra, MBBS, FACP, Minneapolis, MN

Make 2020 the year you apply for Fellowship- Fellowship is a high honor and a mark of distinction and professional achievement that is recognized by your peers and your patients.

  • If you are now a member- become a Fellow by reviewing the web link and find which pathway to Fellowship is appropriate for your career path. Links to the requirements for advancing to Fellowship and to the application are also found on this website. In Minnesota, there are over 400 current members who are eligible for a pathway to becoming a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP). A brief overview video to answer questions about advancing to Fellowship. Watch Now
  • For Resident/Fellow members, ACP has developed a three-year Guided Fellowship Program which provides a framework toward meeting professional development goals, along with guidance and mentorship, in order to obtain the FACP credential. For more information.
  • If you have any questions about completing the Fellowship application, feel free to call ACP at 800-523-1546 ext. 2709

Welcome New Minnesota Medical Students to ACP and MN-ACP!

Twelve new medical students have joined ACP and MN-ACP. Welcome to your new training programs in Minneapolis, Rochester and Duluth, MN.

Ryan Albrecht Katerina Castillo
Isaac Crum Andrew Elton
Spencer Goble Kyle Kettler
Muhammad Mire Chandni Patel
Chloe Peyton Tanisha Ronnie
Justin Thorson Leah Williams

Welcome to ACP!

Welcome New Minnesota Resident/Fellows, Affiliates and Members!

Two hundred and fifty-two new physicians, and resident/fellows, affiliates, and transitional residents have joined ACP and the MN chapter in the last two months. MN-ACP membership has increased over 6% in July 2020 compared to July 2019. Thank you for your membership and count ACP and MN-ACP as a professional home and resource for you.

Paul Abear, MD Irfaan A Abid, DO Helayna Abraham, MD Mohamad Adada, MD PhD Hasan Albitar, MD Timothy Allen, MD Matthew Amdahl, MD
Christopher Anstine, MD Mohamed Artan, MD Bethlehem Atoma, MD Ryan Balko, MD Paul Bechard, MD Brian Berglund, MD Michael Berres, MD
Danse Bi, MD Katherine Blomquist, DO Quinn Bongers, MD Ian C Boor, MD John Bretzman, MD Lauren Brooks, MD Daniel Bullard, MD
Jared Buschette, MD Bradley Busebee, MD Marilia Campos, MD Clara Castillego Becerra, MD Bickey Chang, MD Supavit Chesdachai, MD Grace Choong, MD
Ryan Coburn, MD Megan Conlon, MD Rachel Corbitt, MD Clifford Csizmar, MD Jissy Cyriac, MD Heidi Dahl, MD Skyler H Dahlseng, DO
Daniel Davies, MD Brinda Desai, MD Nidhi Desai, MD Kayleigh Dittes, MD Peter Dock, MD Jason David Eckmann, MD Reid Eggleston, MD
Tim Evans, MD Emily Ewan, MD Matthew Ewy, MD Helia Farrokhzad, MD Aoife Marie Feighery, MD Nouran Felo, MD Jamie R Felzer, MD
Jacob R Fiocchi, MD Delvise Fogwe, MD Thomas W Fredrick, MD Bradley Fredrickson, MD Thomas Freeman, MD Roberto Fu, MD Caitlyn Gallagher, MD
Meghana Ghattu, MD Jacob Goodwin, MD Joseph A Gottwald, PharmD Brett M Grieb, MD Jeffrey Hall, DO Jeffrey Hanson, MD Ikram Haq, MD
Naima J Hashi, MD Reece Hass, MD Abubakar Hassan, MBBS Alexander Hawkins, MD Christopher Heinrich, MD Matthew Heinrich, MD Lucas A Heldt Manica, MD
Jeffrey Heller, MD Kaitlin Hellie, MD Roberto Herrera, MD David Hess, MD Matthew Ho, MD Jason Hoard, MD Brian L Hoglund, MD
Echko Holman, MD Katherine Holten, MD Sherehan Ibrahim, MBBchB MD Nasro Isaq, MD Amy N James, MD Sae Jang, MD Zeina Jedeon, MD
Joseph Jensen, MD Tegan N John, DO David Jonason, MD Amira Joseph, MD David Kazadi, MD Hayden Kelly, MD Sana Khan, MD
Ryan B Khodadadi, MD Maryna Khromava, MD Roderick King, MD Michael Klajda, MD Donald Kleppel, MD Thomas Klink, MD Christopher Knapp, MD
Jonathan Knott, MD Nikhil Kolluri, MD Vanessa L Kronzer, MD Ellen K Kronzer, MD Marcela Kuijpersa, MD Peter Ladner, MD Jeffrey Larson, MD
Michael Larson, DO Kirsten Lasley, DO Omar Latif, MD Sarah Lawrence, MD Kenzie K Lee, MD Katy Lehenbauer, MD Andrew M Lesser, MD
Savannah Liddell, MD Phillip Link, MD Evan Lister, MD Michael Liu, MD Tyler Loomer, MD Jordan Ludwigson, MD Elizabeth Mae Luengas, DO
Kayla M Lundeen, DO Luke Lundeen, DO Zachary T Lundstrom, MD Teija Madhusoodanan, MD Hussein B Magale, MD Salman B Mahmood, MBBS Jordan Mallery, MD
Samantha Mannion, MD Max J Martin, MD Paige Marty, MD Caroline Matchett, MD Audrey McCandless, MD Nicholas McDonald, MD Brooke A McDonald, DO
Patrick W McGarrah, MD Isla McKerrow, MD Nicole McLaughlin, MD Charles Meade, MD Dillon Medlock, MD Nandini Mehra, MD Ryan N Mello, MD PhD
Patrick Mellors, MD Michael Michalik, MD Alexander T Miller, MD Danny Mohama, MD Jwan Naser, MD Neela Nataraj, MD Nathan Nelson, MD
Shirin I Nour, MD Bellony Nzemenoh, MD Patrick O’Connor, MD Kevin M O’Donnell, MD Mary-Tiffany A Oduah, MD John R Ogden, MD Mohamed A Omer, MBBCH
Luke J O’Neil, MD Abayomi Oyenuga, MD Nicole Pagel, DO Paul Park, MD Jessica Park, MD Shilpa Paul, MBBS Nirosha Perera, MD
Abigail E Peterson, MD Haithien Phu, MD Aaron Pickrel, MD Kaylie Pierce, MD Serafim M Pistiolis, MD Mitchell Pitlick, MD Jordan Pogu, MD
Joshua C Pritchett, MD Nikita Rafie, MD Sathyakumar Ramalingam, MD Jennifer Rathousky, DO Clay T Reed, MD Muneeb S Rehman, MD Beau Rigstad, MD
Timothy D Rinden, DO Michael M Ritchie Andrew C Rose, MD Alexander Ryu, MD Omid Salaami, MD Rachel Salz, MD Matthew Samec, MD
Benjamin A Satterfield, MD PhD Amrith Shettigar, MD Thomas Schmidt, MD Kerry M Schnell, MD Steven Schull, MD Alex R Schwegman, MD Hanan Seid, MD
Kenneth Seid, MD Samuel A Shabtaie, MD Xiaolei Shi, MD Danielle Shilling, MD Mary Katherine Shoemaker, MD Richard Silbert, MD James Sincebaugh, MD
Andrea Sitek, MD Jessica S Sjoholm, MD Leah Soderberg, MD Joseph D Steffens, MD Erin Steiner, MD Mackenzie Stice, MD Matthew Stuart, DO
Benjamin Stultz, MD Diego A Suarez, MD Anna Subramaniam, MD Shruthi Subramaniam, MD Gaurav Suryawanshi, MD Benjamin Swart, MD Stephanie Syc-Mazurek, MD
Prashant D Tailor, MD Manaswita Tappata, MD Reema Tawfiq, MD Beth K Thielen, MD,PhD Gregory Thompson, MD Colton Thoreson, MD Jacob Tigner, MD
Alessandra Tomasi, MD June Tome, MD Thomas Trischman, MD David Tucker, MD Genya Turgul, MD William Valente, MD Jesse M Vance, MD
Jared Vearrier, MD Pratik Velangi, MD Nhat Vo, MD Dayne Voelker, MD Jordan K Voss, MD Linh H Vu, MD Yuxiang Wang, MD
Vanessa S Wankhede Langenfeld, MD Robert Ward, MD Pradeep Wardhan, MD,MBBS Andrew A Welch, DO Elizabeth Wendt, MD Melanie White, MD Kathleen Wilcox, MD
Talitha Wilson, MD Thomas Williams, MD Pitchaya Worapongsatitaya, MD Jeffrey Yang, MD Saida Yassin, MD Qian Jess Ye, MD Zachary A Yetmar, MD
Sally Yung, MD Margot Zarin-Pass, MD Ashley Zeman, MD Zhenmei Zhang, MD Hannah Zhao-Fleming, MD Qiaonan Zhong, MD  

Members in the News

  • Ramy Abdelfattah, MBChB, a hospitalist at Sanford Medical Center in Bemidji was interviewed by MPR about preparations for Covid in the northwest region of MN
  • Mark Sannes, MD at Health Partners and Park Nicollet, Andrew Olson, MD FACP, Brad Benson, MD, FACP and Claire Bourgeois, MD from M Health Fairview were interviewed on What we have learned about Covid-19 in the past 4 months in the Pioneer Press and On the Front Lines at Bethesda Hospital Covid Pioneer Press
  • Ravi Ganesh, MBBS, an Infectious Disease specialist from the Mayo Clinic was interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Young Adults Drive new Covid cases
  • Dimitri Drekonja, MD, FACP, an infectious disease specialist with the University of Minnesota and the VA Medical Center, spoke at Governor Walz’ s press conference announcing a statewide mandatory mask requirement MPR and interviewed in the Star Tribune
  • Colin West, MD, PhD, FACP, an infectious disease internist from Mayo Clinic, was interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune on the accuracy of Covid tests
  • Nathan Chomilo, MD, with Park Nicollet and MN Medicaid, was interviewed on MPR on “Structural Racism”
  • Craig Bowron, MD, FACP with Abbott Northwestern Hospital in ACP Hospitalist on Changing How we Deal with addiction
  • Hannah Lichtsinn, MD was interviewed by CBS news on Unemployed and Uninsured and the Increasing hunger crisis in Minnesota during the pandemic in the Sahan Journal
  • Deepti Pandita, MD,FACP with Hennepin Healthcare published Telehealth and Addressing Health Equity in Health Tech noting that while 35% of their patients identify as racial/ethnic minorities, only 8% of these groups participate in telemedicine.
  • Amit Ghosh, MD, MBA, FACP, with Pritish K. Tosh, M.D, FACP and J. Taylor Hays, M.D, FACP on various COvid-19 weekly topics on Mayo Clinic talks
  • David Hilden, MD, MPH, FACP on Healthy Matters on a weekly podcast covering sleep deprivation, Covid and a variety of health topics

Please send MN-ACP your member news Minnesota.acp@gmail.com

MN-ACP Member profile


Ramy Abdelfattah, MBChB from Bemidji, MN

Where are you from? I was born in Egypt and have been in the united states since 2014.

Where did you go college, medical school, and residency? I went to medical school at Cairo university, Egypt, graduate of 2010 class. I did my cardiovascular research fellowship in Stanford CA in 2014, joined Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn NY for my internal medicine residency program in 2015 and have been a hospitalist in northern Minnesota since 2018.

What are a couple of things you enjoy doing in your off work time? I am married with 3 kids. I enjoy spending quality time with my loved ones. I like fishing, playing soccer, reading, and cooking.

What do you enjoy most about being an internist? I like to know something about everything! I like the fast pace of caring of acutely ill patients by providing faster treatment, acting more quickly on tests and even be more readily available when patients or family members have questions or concerns. I like my role in coordinating the care of the sick patients while in the hospital with the help of specialists.

Do you have a concern (or a few) about our profession? Burnout! I believe a lot can be done in the system to improve all the involved members in the care of the patient. One of the main things that overwhelm physicians is the software and I believe a lot can be done including using technology and EMR software improvements to serve the patients efficiently and provide excellent care.



Save the Dates:

Aug. 20, 2020- Story Slam from 6:30-7:30pm Register

Sept. 6, 2020- Brave Like Gabe volunteers -InfoDonate

Sept. 17, 2020- Medicine Trivia from 6:30-7:30pm Register

Oct. 5, 2020- MN-ACP abstract submission deadline InformationAbstract submission

October 14, 2020- I.M. on Tap at Kieran's with Jacob Meyer, PhD from Iowa State on “Endocannabinoids, exercise and depression: Using the runners high to treat depression

Oct. 22, 2020- Covid Pearls, 6:30-8:30pm

Oct. 29, 2020 from 1-5pm– Free Virtual Half & Half Buprenorphine Waiver Training for Opioid Use Disorder with Drs. Grahan & Reznikoff from Hennepin Healthcare. CME is available. Info with Brochure and Registration.

Nov. 7, 2020- MN Internal Medicine:2020 virtual meeting and abstract competition

How can we better serve you? Please contact me with questions or thoughts on how the MN-ACP can serve you. David Hilden, MD, MPH, FACP Governor, MN-ACP.


Minnesota Governor's Newsletter August 2020