Kentucky Governor's Newsletter June 2018

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Elizabeth C. Riley, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Elizabeth C. Riley, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Greetings Kentucky Chapter ACP membership! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new ACP Kentucky Chapter Governor. My name is Beth Riley and I am a practicing academic breast oncologist at the University of Louisville's James Graham Brown Cancer Center. I am originally from Paducah, KY and am proud to serve our chapter for the next 4 years. My official duties kicked off at the ACP Annual Business Meeting in April in New Orleans.

It was a great meeting to be a member of the Kentucky Chapter. We were awarded a Chapter of Excellence Award, which we have received many times over the past several years. This award recognizes chapters which successfully meet the standards for managing a chapter by national ACP. I would like to recognize my immediate past governor, Dr. Phil Bressoud, for his work in continuing our award streak.

Our Kentucky Chapter also received another special honor in the Evergreen All Star Award. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the John Tooker Evergreen Awards Program, the Evergreen All-Star Awards recognized the Kentucky Chapter “Shakertown” Associates Program. This program has contributed to the strength and breadth of ACP and its chapters, and demonstrated sustainability through successive leadership terms. Former KY ACP Chapter Governor Cap Hoskins and his wife Judy Hoskins have been instrumental in continuing this great program. Thank you to you both!

We also welcomed several new fellows to the chapter:

Abdalhamid Al Harash, MD, FACP, Prospect
Ihab Almagdub, MD, FACP, Lexington
Taha Ayach, MD FACP, Lexington
Prerna Dogra, MBBS, FACP, Lexington
Wegbo A Echendu, MBBS, FACP, Madisonville
Kamel A. Gharaibeh, MD, FACP, Lexington
Adam J. Gray, MD, FACP, Lexington
Eli\jah V. Kakani, MD, FACP, Lexington
Vimalkumar Veerappan Kandasamy, MD, FACP, Louisville
Faris Khasawneh, MBBS, FACP, Lexington
Robin Paudel, MBBS, FACP, Lexington
Mark A. Schroer, MD, FACP, Newport
Val W Slayton, MD, FACP, Louisville
Saurav Suman, MD, FACP, Lexington
Richard J. Van Dam, MD, FACP, West Somerset

In order to continue our chapter's success, we need your help! If you are interested in volunteering as a member of the Governor's Council, please do not hesitate to contact Megan Wilson, Chapter Administrator for the Kentucky Chapter, or myself for more details.

Are you concerned about a practice or clinical issue or have an idea you'd like to suggest? If so, you might consider submitting a resolution to your Governor or Chapter Council.

Initiating a resolution provides ACP members an opportunity to focus attention at the ACP national level on a particular issue or topic that concerns them. Participating in the Board of Governors resolutions process provides the ACP grassroots member a voice and allows you to shape College policy that impacts the practice of internal medicine. When drafting a resolution, don't forget to consider how well it fits within ACP's Mission and Goals. In addition, be sure to use the College's 2018-2020 Priority Themes to guide you when proposing a resolution topic.

Not sure how to begin drafting a resolution? Researching the College's position on an issue can give you a start. Visit the ACP Online homepage and click the “Advocacy” link in the right-hand, top margin to access ACP policy positions, read about recent ACP advocacy activities, or search ACP's library of policies and recommendations. Visit your chapter website, too, and click the link under “Advocacy” to access Electronic Resolutions System (ERS) where you can search past or proposed resolutions. A copy of the resolutions process is available on the ERS which furnishes more details on formatting resolutions, as well the process for submission, review, and approval.

Members must submit resolutions to their Governor and/or chapter council. A resolution becomes a resolution of the chapter once the chapter council approves it. If effecting change interests you, the deadline for submitting new resolutions to be heard at the spring 2019 Board of Governors Meeting is October 9, 2018. Share your good idea with us!

Lastly, save the date for our 2018 Kentucky ACP Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting. It will be held Wednesday, October 3rd at the University of Louisville Event and Conference Service Center at Shelby Campus (please note prior communication contained the incorrect date of 10/4.)

If you would like to volunteer the planning or scientific program of our annual meeting, please contact Megan Wilson, Chapter Administrator for the Kentucky Chapter, at