Idaho Governor's Newsletter April 2023

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Lisa S. Inouye, MD, MPH, FACP, ACP Governor

Lisa S. Inouye, MD, MPH, FACP, ACP Governor


46th Annual 2023 Hindson Winter Conference & Idaho Chapter Meeting

This was the first time back in person, which was wonderful! We also trialed a virtual version, which was successful, and so we may be able to have “hybrid” in person and virtual meetings in the future. The meeting had updates and talks on a variety of topics, podium and poster vignettes, and workshops on evaluating shoulder pain and Tai Chi for wellness! We had two MOC sessions, the ACP business meeting and Women in Medicine discussion. The traditional format of the schedule was kept, so there was time for fun in the middle of the day and still get over 11.75 CME credits!



Chapter Awards

The Distinguished Internist Award recognizes a College Member, Fellow or Master who has provided exceptional contributions to the science and art of Internal Medicine by demonstrating excellence and compassion in patient care, professionalism, humanistic values, and a lifelong dedication to teaching and learning.

Congratulations to our Distinguished Internist Award winner – Steve Hahn, MD

Steve Hahn, MD

We have two Distinguished Teaching Awards this year. This award is given to a College Member or Fellow who has demonstrated outstanding mentorship of students, residents, or colleagues as demonstrated by a sustained commitment to providing personal and professional guidance to other health care professionals.

Congratulations to our two award winners


Jodie Donovan, MD, FACP


Nancy Keegan-Ovando, MD, FACP

The Advocacy Award is given to a College Member, Fellow or Master in recognition and appreciation of their many years of tireless service in both the health care and public advocacy realms through continued work in the local, state and national political arenas to support health care issues and concerns.

This may reflect service through testifying to legislative committees, serving as a key contact or working with local and state agencies regarding reimbursement policy, updates, coding or any other matter affecting Idaho physicians.

Congratulations to Magni Hamso


Magni Hamso, MD, FACP



Congratulations to our Chapter Abstract Winners

Oral Clinical Vignette Presentation Competition

  • Preston Thomas, MS3 for his presentation on Myoclonus and Delirium Secondary to Cefepime

Resident Clinical Vignette

  • Darion Heald, MD for HIV-Associated Thrombocytopenia Presenting as a Subdural Hematoma

Resident Fellows Quality Improvement-Patient Safety

  • David Yun, MD and Matt Wolter, DO for Implementation of Interprofessional Rounds in the Intensive Care Unit at the Boise VA



New! Council of Students and Council of Residents & Fellows!

Two inaugural Councils have been formed, to take advantage of now having two sources of students (UW-WWAMI and ICOM) and residents (UW Boise and EIRMC). We are still in the exploration phase of activities. **The Council of Students plan to have a Zoom panel of internal medicine physicians describe their specialty/subspecialty to give 1st and 2nd year students a glimpse into “a day in the life of…” If you'd like to participate on one of the panels, please let Kelly know.

Council of Students: Reagan Badger, Kelton Kearsley, Tianna Quensberry

Council of Residents: Austin Dopp, Victor Lui, Praveen Walaliyadda, Michael Williams, and Casey Willman



We need YOU to apply for fellowship!

If you've been an ACP member for 3 years, are board certified, and have been active in and beyond your practice (see below), you likely qualify for FACP. We've listed reasons to become a Fellow in prior newsletters, but a new reason is that Idaho needs new Fellows! There are opportunities at the national level for committees and other activities as an FACP, as well as other benefits. You need to complete the application and have two letters of support written by FACPs. If you have done/do any teaching, hospital committee work or leadership, scholarly activity, and/or community work/advocacy you should apply. You DON’T need something in all these categories! If you have ANY questions about applying, please send me and Kelly an email



Congratulations to our New Fellow

Abeer Nisar Arain, MBBS FACP



Welcome our New Members

Brian Snow, DO – Meridian
Jerrell D Sims, MD – Boise
Huong Tran – Idaho Falls
Kanan Silvas – Couer D Alene
Jesse Keeler – Nampa
Carrie Bailey – Boise
Tausha Allen – Idaho Falls
David Asfour – Boise
James Yan – Boise
Tara Davidson – Boise
Cody Marchetti – Boise
Jonathan Kersh – Couer D Alene
Nasheed Shams – Rupert
Gregory Johnson – Post Falls
Faiza Jamil – Ammon
Anam Zehra – Ammon
Jarod Chin – Boise
Carlee Fountaine – Boise
Richard Lecheminant – Meridian
Abdullahi Mohamed – Boise
Kevin Brown – Couer D Alene
Michael Hagan – Boise
Brian Sneck – Couer D Alene
Clive Cooper – Boise
Carissa Pereda – Boise



Welcome our New Affiliates

Dylan Williams - Coeur D Alene
Mary Mebane - Boise



Welcome our New Medical Student Members

Andrew Morse
Allie Lords
Reba Dhillon
Christina Gibbs
Emilee Kauer
Benjamin Kearsley
Reagan Badger
Riley Hatchell
Floyd Summers
Liam Cashin
Kristina Hitchens
Jinni Wang
Jeffrey Walsh
Rachel Oates
Randy Huynh



For Your Information

Engage in ACP Advocacy: A Guide to Drafting Resolutions Now Available

Posted on ACP online January 17, 2023

Advocacy is an important part of the College's efforts to make a difference in ACP members' daily work, professional development, and their patients' health. Would you like to get involved in advocacy, but don't know how?

The just released ACP Board of Governors Resolutions Guide for ACP Members is now available to download and will help you get started. The Guide was created to provide members with a short overview of the resolutions process essentials. ACP members get a glimpse of the basics like:

  • Why does ACP have a resolutions process? What is a resolution?
  • Researching a Resolution Topic
  • How to Write a Resolution
  • Submitting a Proposed Resolution

If you are concerned about a practice or clinical issue, or have an idea you would like to suggest, consider drafting a resolution. Participating in the resolutions process provides grassroots members a voice and allows you to shape College policy that impacts the practice of internal medicine at the national level.

Resolutions drafted by a member must be approved by a chapter council before submission to ACP national. If effecting change through ACP's advocacy efforts interests you, please contact your chapter or more details about submitting a resolution.