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Past Awards and Honorees

  • Fall 2015 Awards
  • Fall 2014 Awards
  • Fall 2013 Laureate Award: Fitzhugh C. Pannill III and Catherine Apaloo
    Fall 2013 George F. Thornton Teaching Award: Gregory K. Buller and Barry J. Wu
    Fall 2013 Distinguished Internist Award: Henry C. Gift (posthumously)
  • Fall 2012 Chapter Laureate Awards: Stephen O'Mahony, MD, FACP, Keith vom Eigen, MD, FACP
    Fall 2012 George Thornton Teaching Awards: Auguste Fortin, MD, MPH, FACP, Cyrus Kapadia, MBBS, MD, FACP, and Eric Mazur, MD, MACP
    Fall 2012 Volunteerism & Community Service Award: Richard Kayne, MD
  • Fall 2011 Laureate Award: Nancy R. Angoff, MD FACP MPH MEd.
    The Fall 2011 Volunteerism and Community Servuce Award: Jeanne Breen, MD and Jonathan Fine, MD.
    The 2011 Thornton Award: Ernest D. Moritz, MD FACP and Joseph L. Renda, MD FACP.
  • Fall 2010 Laureate Awards: Adam R. Silverman, MD, FACP and Steven Wolfson, MD, FACP.
    The Fall 2010 Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Suzanne Lagarde, MD, FACP.
    The 2010 Thornton Award: Yaw Amoateng Adjepong, MD, MPH, PHD, Joseph L. Belsky, MA, MD, MACP, and Daniel Henry, MD, FACP.
  • Fall 2009 Laureate Award: David J. Miner, MD, FACP.
    The 2009 Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Fred Finkelstein, MD.
    The 2009 Thornton Award: David N. Podell, MD, PhD., FACP and Noel I. Robin, MD, FACP.
  • Fall 2008 Laureate Award: Steven V. Angus, MD, FACP.
    The 2008 Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Kevin D Dieckhaus, MD.
    The 2008 Thornton Award: Andre N. Sofair, MD.
  • Fall 2007 Laureate Award: Ira D. Mickenberg, MD, FACP, John F D'Avella, MD, FACP and Joel A. Danisi, MD, FACP.
    The 2007 Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Laurie Bridger, MD.
    The 2007 Thornton Award: Frank J. Bia, MD, FACP.
  • Fall 2006 Laureate Award: Henry Schneiderman, MD, FACP.
    The 2006 Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Donna R. Criscenzo, MD and Stephen M. Winter, MD.
    The 2006 Thornton Award: David L. Coleman, MD, FACP and Paul A. Sirop, MD, FACP.
  • Fall 2005 Laureate Award: Robert J. Nardino, MD, FACP and Thomas J. Lane, MD, FACP.
    The 2005 Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Serle M. Epstein, MD, FACP and Arthur D. Wolf, MD.
    The 2005 Thornton Award: Margaret J. Bia, MD, FACP and Joseph P. Cleary, MD, FACP.
  • Fall 2004 Laureate Award: O. Joseph Bizzozero, MD, FACP.
    The 2004 Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Stephen J. Huot, MD, PhD and Scott Wolf, DO, MPH, FACP.
    The 2004 Thornton Award: Stephen A. Atlas, MD.
  • Fall 2003 Laureate Award: Aldo L. Bellucci, MD and Eric M. Mazur, MD, FACP.
    The 2003 Volunteerism and Community Service Award: Peter Ellis, MD, MPH.
    The 2003 Thornton Award: Sharon A. Diamen, MD and Asghar Rastegar, MD.
  • Fall 2002 Laureate Award to Ernest D. Moritz, MD, FACP
    and the Volunteerism and Community Service Award to Bruce E. Gould, MD
  • Fall 2001 Laureate Award to James L. Bernene, MD, FACP and Barry J. Wu, MD, FACP
  • Fall 2000 Laureate Award to Sherri A. Clayton, MD, FACP and Robert M. McLean, MD, FACP
  • 2000 Thornton Awards
  • Winter 1999, Joseph L. Belsky, MD, FACP awarded Mastership
  • Fall 1999, Laureate Award to Paul Dolinsky, MD, FACP and Majid Sadigh, MD, FACP
  • Fall 1999, Thornton Award to Frank Davidoff, MD, FACP