Arizona Governor's Newsletter January 2020

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Priya Radhakrishnan, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Priya Radhakrishnan, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

Happy 2020!

We have much to be proud of: we had a very successful annual meeting in Tucson, with an increase in attendance. Dr. Bijin Thajuden and the program committee did a phenomenal job with a high-quality program with wonderful speakers. The medical student and resident posters and vignettes were outstanding! Congratulations to the winners of our competitions and all our awardees.

December also saw the launch of our Raise the Rates Initiative. In order to address the looming public health crisis with the reemergence of vaccine preventable illnesses, our chapter received funding from national ACP to host an educational event. Dr Karen Lewis from the Arizona Department of Health and Dr. Jason Goldman, Florida chapter ACP Governor have two great webinars on the public health benefit of Adult Immunizations and Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccination management tips respectively. The webinars can be viewed here. Many of the Arizona state Internal Medicine residency programs have committed to Quality Improvement projects on improving vaccinations within the residency clinics. This initiative is led by Drs. Joseph and Wong.

Our advocacy team under the leadership of Dr. Shak Rehman has moved into high gear with the planning of our Arizona ACP Day at the legislature on February 5th . Please join us in talking to our legislators about issues that face our IM community - from medical education, to paperwork reduction to medical education and physician wellbeing. National ACP has done considerable work in 2019. We continue this work at the state level.

Physician Wellbeing: We have sent several communications to the Arizona Medical Board regarding removing the questions regarding mental health in the Arizona Medical Board application for license. “Physicians are routinely exposed to tragedy and death resulting in occupationally induced anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Yet doctors receive no routine on-the-job support. Instead, they risk punishment when asking for help. State boards, hospitals, and insurance companies interrogate doctors about their mental health, read their confidential medical records, and then deny health plan participation, medical liability coverage, hospital privileges, and state licensure. The Arizona Medical Board has a Grade C status.” The Arizona Osteopathic Board has been very responsive and has already removed the questions. We will continue to advocate for our physicians.

Please join me in congratulating two of the Arizona chapter members who have been elected to the ACP National councils. Congratulations to Dr. Ricardo Correa and Dr. John Trickett on their elections to ACP National Councils for Early Career Physicians and Council for Residents and Fellows. We look forward to their continued involvement within the chapter as well.

We have a very busy agenda for 2020 and eagerly look forward to your continued involvement.

In the words of my favorite poet, Robert Frost

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

I wish you all a wonderful new year and a new decade. As we enter the New Year, and a new decade, let us reaffirm our commitment to serve our patients, our profession and our personal wellbeing.



ACP Arizona 2019 Scientific Meeting Highlights

The 2019 ACP Arizona Chapter Scientific Meeting, Emergence of Innovation in Internal Medicine, was held October 18-19 in Tucson at the DoubleTree by Hilton Tucson - Reid Park.

The meeting started off with two MOC ABIM SEP Modules—the 2019 Hospital Medicine Update and the 2019 Internal Medicine Update, in addition to four Medical Student educational sessions and four lab sessions.

The full meeting began at lunchtime with a keynote on IFB for the Primary Care Physician by Dr. Sasha Taleban, followed by sessions on the Opioid Epidemic Act (Dr. Benjamin Brady, DrPH), Innovations in Financial Wellness (Anil Potharaju, MD, MBA) and Clinical Practice for Primary Care Management of Valley Fever (John Galgiani, MD).


Friday night at the Governor's Reception, three Ignite™ Talk sessions were presented –Millennial Learners and What They Can Teach Us (Viet Do, DO), Ask-Tell-Ask on the Wards (Dalia Mikhael, MD) and Updates in the Management of Lower-Extremity Arterial Disease for the Internist (Sundeep Shenoy, MD). Ignite™ Talks is a series of events where speakers have five minutes to talk on a subject accompanied by 20 slides, for 15 seconds each, automatically advanced. These presentations provided education in a fast and fun format.

Saturday started off with a national speaker keynote entitled Molecular Biology Assessments in Cancer Care by Dr. Ana María Lopéz. Attendees also heard about updates in Primary Care/General Medicine (Indu Partha, MD, FACP), Ambulatory Heart Failure (Jennifer Cook, MD), An Internist's Guide to Care of the Patient Who Has Survived Cancer (Priya Radhakrishnan, MD, FACP), Latest Advances in Diabetes (Shakaib Rehman, MD, FACP, FAACH), Advances in Asthma Management (Laura Meinke, MD, FACP) and Novel Oral Anticoagulant Use Patients with Renal Disease (Amy Sussman, MD).


AND on top of all these topics, we also saw a Medicare for All Debate with Drs. Timothy Fagan and Allan Marcus taking sides with moderator Dr. Rob Aaronson.


Woven through all this education was the Poster Competition with 120 students and residents, Doctors Dilemma competitions for medical students and residents, Oral Vignettes and Exhibitors.

chapnews_az_202001_p5.jpg chapnews_az_202001_p6.jpg

To end the program, we presented the 2019 Laurette Award to Dr. Shak Rehman, along with our Chapter Awards of Excellence and the poster, oral vignette and Doctors Dilemma awards. Congratulations to all the award winners!


And one last thing—the passing of the golden stethoscope to 2020 Chapter Meeting Chair Viet Do, DO.


Our 2019 award winners are:

Chapter Laureate

Shakaib Rehman, MD, FACP

Women in Medicine Award (This is ACP Arizona's first annual award in this category)

Ana María Lopéz, MD, MPH, MACP

Resident/Fellow of the Year

Erin Wiedmeier, MD

Internist of the Year

Jayne Peterson, MD, FACP

Early Career Physician of the Year

Juliana Kling, MD, FACP

Research of the Year

Jasgit Sachdev, MD

Medical Student of the Year

Michael Gaub

Hospitalist of the Year

Brenda Shinar, MD, FACP

Leader of the Year

Janis Blair, MD, FACP

Educator of the Year

William Dachman, MD, FACP

Poster Winners


1st place: Sumir Brahmbhatt, UACOM – P

2nd place: Julie Wiedmeier, Mayo Clinic

3r place: Juan Siordia, UACOM – T

Case Report

1st place: Lydia Taranto, HonorHealth

2nd place: Ammad Raina, Canyon Vista Medical Center

3rd place: UACOM – T

Patient Safety/Quality Improvement

1st place: Dylan Doss, HonorHealth

2nd place: Allison Bigeh, UACOM – P

3rd place: Natasha Narang, UACOM – P


1st place: Naomi Newman

2nd place: Mina Syeda

3rd place: Helen Bartels

Medical Student Posters

1st place: Karen Rico – UACOM – T

2nd place: Ashley Wang – Midwestern

3rd place: Paras Mehta – UACOM - T

Oral Vignette Awards

1st place: Aaronn Silver, MD – UACOM – P

2nd place: Erin Wiedmeier – Mayo Clinic

3rd place: Heather Kissel – Verde Valley

Doctors Dilemma Awards


Alex Alsadi, MD, Sooraj Kumar, MD, Juan Siordia, MD – UACOM – T

Medical Students

Medhia Fazel Jedlowski, Patrick Jedlowski, Michael Gaub – UACOM – T

chapnews_az_202001_p9.jpeg chapnews_az_202001_p10.jpeg
chapnews_az_202001_p14.jpeg chapnews_az_202001_p15.jpeg
chapnews_az_202001_p16.jpeg chapnews_az_202001_p17.jpg
chapnews_az_202001_p18.jpeg chapnews_az_202001_p19.jpeg
chapnews_az_202001_p20.jpeg chapnews_az_202001_p21.jpeg
chapnews_az_202001_p22.jpeg chapnews_az_202001_p23.jpeg
chapnews_az_202001_p24.jpeg chapnews_az_202001_p25.jpeg


First place winners of Research Posters (Sumir Brahmbhatt, MD), Oral Vignettes (Aaron Silver, MD) and the resident Doctors Dilemma team (Alex Alsadi, MD, Sooraj Kumar, MD and Juan Siordia, MD of UACOM – T) have qualified for a $1000 stipend to attend the 2020 ACP National Meeting in Los Angeles.

Congratulations again to all the winners!




  • Thank you to all the Exhibitors who attended our meeting—their financial support is what allows us to provide this training.
  • Thank you to the University of Arizona Telemedicine Program, for the generous loan of AV items.
  • Thank you to Janet Major, for her technical expertise, photographic talents and the 100% effort she put into this program
  • All the poster judges, oral vignette judges and Doctors Dilemma emcee/timekeepers and others who carefully observed and judged these activities.
  • And a special thanks to our Chapter Meeting Committee members and our chair Bijin Thajudeen, MD, FACP for their ongoing year-long efforts to bring us this fantastic program.
chapnews_az_202001_p11.jpeg chapnews_az_202001_p12.jpeg



Advocacy Activities

Don't miss the ACP Arizona Day at the Legislature

Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 8am - 2 pm

We'll meet at the Capitol to talk with the Arizona legislators that are highly involved in health care bills that will affect medicine (and YOU) in the state of Arizona. You'll also learn the most effective ways to advocate for ACP Arizona and your profession.

Follow this link to register by January 24 at 5:00 pm.

National Leadership Day

May 12 - 13, 2020

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington, DC

Leadership Day is the College's annual two-day advocacy event in Washington, DC that enables you to bring issues of concern to U.S. lawmakers. This is a great opportunity for you to try to influence the legislative process on behalf of internal medicine. You'll walk the halls of Congress and meet with your state legislators.

In addition to having an opportunity to meet with your legislators and staff in Washington, DC, participants are provided with in-depth briefings from White House officials, Capitol Hill staffers, and members of Congress; all of whom are among the top health care decision-makers.

ACP Arizona offers seven $750 stipends to offset some of your travel cost–stay tuned for information on how to apply for a stipend. Note–Medical Students who may apply are given priority for the stipends.

We'll let you know when registration opens.

Are you familiar with Advocates for Internal Medicine Network (AIMn)?

This program is for ACP members interested in participating in federal advocacy. It is designed to help members engage with their federal lawmakers on policy issues important to ACP and internal medicine, using a platform that is user-friendly. As key issues approach the decision-making stage on Capitol Hill, the College emails or faxes legislative updates and alerts to AIMn members, who we call Advocates. Legislative alerts include all of the necessary information (including sample messages that can be easily personalized) to make informative contacts with members of Congress, and ACP staff is always available to provide support and answer legislative questions. Sign up here.



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Your ACP Arizona Governors Council Wishes You a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!