Governor's Welcome

Welcome to the ACP Saudi Arabia Chapter website! This site has been developed to keep internal medicine physicians and subspecialists in Saudi Arabia current on the developments and activities in our Chapter.  

ACP is the largest medical specialty organization. Membership comprises more than 161,000 internal medicine physicians, medical students, and allied health professionals. Our Saudi Arabia chapter has a growing membership of 545. We are your link to the larger organization and your local provider of educational, professional, and social programs. Our goal is to be your local professional home. 

Internal Medicine physicians are gathered together in our Saudi Arabia Chapter to share knowledge and discuss new innovations concerning our specialty with the mission to enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.

My role as Governor is to represent our Chapter to the national organization, voice our interest and concerns, and cascade any new information to you. My goal is to empower you to connect with people and resources that can help build engaging programs and grow expertise in Internal Medicine.

Our website will be our channel to share any chapter-related developments and announcements. We will be hosting local scientific conferences and CME activities as part of the continuing search of knowledge for all members. Members in good standing with high achievements will be recognized and acknowledge through this venue. This will be a journey that we go on together, where we learn and iterate our interest to advance the science and practice of Internal Medicine. Together, we’ll discuss any improvements, creative collaborations for the benefit of everyone. I encourage all internal medicine physicians, residents, and medical students to join together and become active in participating in our scientific activities and the chapter. 

Please do not hesitate to provide me your advice and recommendations for the advancement of this Chapter. I am very excited with this journey and look forward to working with all of you. With all your help and support as a team, we can improve our services to this Saudi Chapter.


Faisal Abaalkhail, MD, FACP